The Best Landmarks you can see in Munich

Munich is a large German city that has ultramodern buildings and companies, but keeps its original look at the same time. The city includes more than 30 of the best historical places in the world. It will be a great chance if you can visit this city with your family or friends and see the old and new buildings in addition to the effective transportation system in the city.
St. Mary’s Square is one of the most prominent landmarks in the city because it has a tall column at the center topped by a golden statue. At the night, the performance of Glockenspiel that uses about 32 robot figures to act exciting scenes from the history of the city. The Square is considered as the entrance for amazing historical houses, churches, and other buildings. The area includes the New Town Hall that has houses and towers dated back to about 100 years ago. If you prefer shopping, the place includes a large market used for commercial purposes.
The concentration camp of Dachau witnessed a large part of the Nazi period and still has ruins of the prisoners’ bathes, courtyards, and barracks. Dachau includes the castle that was rebuilt to be the residence of the consecutive Bavaria rulers. The former Residence Palace of Munich is located in the old town. Now, it becomes a marvelous museum that has 130 rooms decorated with unique furniture and arts from different civilizations.

The three gates that protected Munich during the Middle Ages are still found in the city, but most of their parts demolished and rebuilt in later ages. The Karlstor wall had three towers; all of them are renovated in the neo-gothic age. Likely, the Sendlinger and Isartor walls have a few parts of the original building and the rest of them renovated later.

The Best Landmarks in Munich The Best Landmarks in Munich The Best Landmarks in Munich The Best Landmarks in Munich The Best Landmarks in Munich The Best Landmarks in Munich



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