The Advantages of Summer Vacations

If you are not a skater, you will surely love the summer vacations. That’s because you will be able to enjoy with the golden rays of the sun, dry roads, long day hours, colorful flowers and green plants, in addition to the blue and clean sky. However, you have to define the summer months in your destination and read more about the quiet and crowded areas.

The summer season starts from the beginning of June to August in the northern countries and from December to February in the southern hemisphere of the earth. Some countries divide the year into few parts and others have more seasons. For example, Nigeria and Indonesia have only the wet and dry season; while India has six seasons. The length of summer in every country depends on its location to the terrestrial equator as the countries near to the equator have longer summers; while the polar countries have shorter summers.

Summer seasons are perfect times for amusing vacations without inter jackets and mud along your way.On the beaches, you will enjoy the warm water andget free vitamin D from the sun. This refreshing weather will give you a chance to practice several activities such as the water sports and even walking with bare feet on the arm sand. Away from the beach, the summer vacation will be the right time to practice your hobbies such as playing golf, tennis, or football; especially if you are a student because most of the summer months are official holidays.

The most notable advantage of the summer season is that it has long days; thus you will have longer time to play and spend amusing times. This will give you an adequate time to play, visit your favorite sites, and spend a peaceful and tranquil minutes observing the sunset.

The Advantages of Summer Vacations The Advantages of Summer Vacations The Advantages of Summer Vacations The Advantages of Summer Vacations The Advantages of Summer Vacations

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