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5 Terrifying Health Threats of Cockroaches

Just mentioning cockroaches raises feelings of disgust and some kind of fear. Those little crawlers have been roaming the earth for millions of years and are expected to survive any coming natural or manmade disaster including a nuclear apocalypse. Nasty creatures like cockroaches follow humans wherever they go, but they don’t only occupy space and live as peaceful guests but they pose terrifying health threats as following:

5. Allergies

Cockroaches secrete saliva, leave droppings and body parts that are filled with allergens that induce unwanted reactions. Allergies caused by cockroaches come with reactions like sneezing, watery eyes and skin rashes. Allergens produced by cockroaches can also trigger asthma.

4. Bites

There are some kinds of cockroaches that bite humans. Cockroaches that bite are scarce but you should take care if you live in an area that is heavily infested with those disgusting crawlers as they may chew soft parts of skin to wound it and may nibble on fingernails.

3. Food Contamination and Poisoning

The reddish brown insects feed on almost anything they meet. This includes filthy matters such as strands of hair, dead animals and plants, fecal matter and paper from the garbage. If you leave uncovered food, you leave a chance for cockroaches to defecate on it leaving behind leftovers of the aforementioned contaminants.

2. Entering Body Parts

Cockroach invasion becomes no joke when you hear that cockroaches can enter your body through openings like those of the ears and nose. Small cockroaches can enter your body while you are asleep without being noticed.

1. Carrying Various Germs

Bacteria like Pseudomonas Aeruginosa proliferate excessively inside the guts of cockroaches. Cockroaches regurgitate their digestive fluids and saliva while feeding and thus spreads such germs on different surfaces including your food. Various diseases such as sepsis, urinary tract infections and digestive diseases can be caused by such germs.

Terrifying Health Threats of Cockroaches
Terrifying Health Threats of Cockroaches

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