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5 Terrible Shoes That Harm Your Feet

Shoes are meant to protect our feet yet a lot of people base their choice of shoes on style rather than purpose. Comfortable footwear might be a little tricky because it can cause severe harm on the long term regardless of the assumed comfort it provides. Our feet carry us to all kinds of places and the least we can do to them is keeping them healthy and out of the following shoes:

5. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats sound like the most comfortable shoes as they wrap feet with style without the pain of high heels. However, most ballet flats don’t provide feet with essential arch support and this raises risks of plantar fasciitis and tendonitis. If you love wearing flats, check for arch support and make sure that the shoes are not easily foldable.

4. Sky-high Heels

When you put on high heels, you put your feet in an abnormal position thus harming it is various ways. Side effects of wearing high heels include Achilles tendonitis, chronic shortening of Achilles tendon; metatarsalgia, thinning out of foot ball fat that causes acute pain; hammer toes, deformation of toes from abnormal positioning; and stress fractures. Shoes which have heels that are more than 2 inches long should be worn only on special occasions and shoes which hurt should be completely avoided.

3. Backless Mules

Backless shoes are problematic because the lack of support puts pressure on toes to grab the shoes and so cause hammertoes. Calluses and breaks in feet skin can also happen due to the constant tapping of the shoes on the heels while walking.

2. Pointed Fronts

Pointed shoes combine harms like metatarsalgia and hammer toes with a case called neuroma, inflammation of the nerve between the toes. Neuroma can be very painful but fortunately can be fixed with different medical procedures.

1. Flip-Flops

The primitive flat rubber that you wear on your feet ranks as the worst footwear for it is unfit to wear for long periods of time. Flip-flops put a lot of stain on your feet to carry them up while moving and provide no support. Hence, leave your flip-flops for the beach or the swimming pool only.

  Shoes That Harm Your Feet

Shoes That Harm Your Feet

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