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7 Terrible Mistakes that Affect Your Beauty

Beauty requires care and nothing worth having comes easy. The easiest thing we can do to reserve our beauty is to avoid the terrible ten mistakes that are gathered here to assist you. By avoiding these mistakes you will be safe than be sorry later on.

7. Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol has severe side effects on your skin and beauty. Too much alcohol dehydrates the skin and expands facial blood vessels around the nose and cheeks to give an undesirable look.

6. Smoking

Smoking introduces too much nicotine in your body which constricts blood vessels. The constriction prevents sufficient blood flow to the skin and leaves it looking older.

5. Nail Biting

Nail biting not only obviously ruins the look of your finger nails, but it also introduces an awful lot of bacteria to your mouth and exposes you to lots of danger. Try your best to get off that habit by looking for a solution online.

4. Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep takes a toll on your health and therefore beauty. Not sleeping enough increases the production of the stress hormone which reduces the collagen that is supposed to nourish skin.

3. Neglecting Sunscreen Use

Whether it is summer or winter, our skin is exposed to UV rays throughout the year. The damaging rays dry the skin and increase its chances to become wrinkled and spotted. The logical prevention is to always put on sunscreen.

2. Following a Harsh Diet

A proper diet should be a result of a healthy lifestyle that is executable year long. However, diets that eliminate a lot of nutritious elements harm your body and deprive it from vitamins and minerals that retain your beauty.

1. Keeping Makeup On

Even if you put on the best makeup brands, going to sleep with makeup on is a terrible habit. Not removing makeup clogs up your pores and can react with your skin damaging it.

 Mistakes that Affect Your Beauty

7 Terrible Mistakes that Affect Your Beauty

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