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8 Most Terrible Habits That Disturb Your Mood

Circumstances that are out of our hands are often blamed for our bad moods. However, these circumstances are not the only ones to blame as there are certain actions we make that affect us severely. It might take a while to lose these habits, but it is necessary to make adjustments as soon as possible to maintain your mental health. Check out the following terrible habits and how to overcome them:

8. Multitasking

Technology is made to serve us and ease our lives; but when using the computer while texting with the cell phone and checking what’s on TV; we become slaves to what is supposed to serve us. Multitasking, opposite to what it is supposed to be, is counterproductive and against our health. Hence, whenever you catch yourself occupied with more than one task, remember that you need to focus on one thing only to get it done.

7. Too Much Photography

Taking pictures is meant to save the pleasant moments to reflect on later. Nonetheless, when the number of snapped pictures exceeds a rational limit to include every moment in pictures, your mind starts to forget those moments that you spent using the camera instead of actually enjoying your time. In order to avoid this oblivion of good time, spend more time enjoying your daily events and let your mind bring you back the pictures.

6. Not Having Face-to-Face Conversations

Face-to-face human interactions are completely different than those occurring on social media websites. Internet interactions deprive you from the human experience that is filled with emotions and expression. Hence, you need to schedule outings with your friends in real life every now and then away from the virtual world that ruins our expectations of people.
5. Not Sleeping

Imagine leaving your “precious” smart phone without recharging, it is just going to shut down in your face mercilessly and surely won’t function. Your body too needs to recharge by sleeping to maintain your physical and mental health. If you suffer from sleeping problems try to seek out help and arrange the proper conditions to establish sufficient sleep.

4. Procrastinating

Procrastination is the act of delaying something that needs to be done assuming that there will be a time where you have a good mood to do it. Unfortunately, this just decreases the time left to complete the task and thus puts you in more stress. Hence, when faced with a task, just do it! Listen to your favorite music while doing it or assign a reward after it for motivation.

3. Slouching While Walking

Body posture doesn’t only affect how others read our body language, but it also affects how we feel about ourselves. People subjects who were asked to walk with slouched shoulders experienced terrible moods relative to subjects who walked with their chin up. Learn from this experiment that you can master of your mood and positivity by just walking cheerfully.

2. Not Having Time for Yourself

Trust me; no body considers you a hero when you waste every single moment pleasing everyone else at work and at home. Neglecting yourself leads to anxiety and a depression that will stop you from helping everyone else. You need to set a time during the day to relax and set a time during the week to practice your favorite hobby.

1. Not Laughing Enough

Chill out and stop taking life too seriously. Laughter and a good sense of humor have a lot of benefits for your physical and mental health. Watch a comedy show, crack a few jokes with friends and spend more time with children. By lighting the mood, you can momentarily forget about anxiety and stress, so take every chance to laugh.

Habits That Disturb Your Mood

8 Most Terrible Habits That Disturb Your Mood

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