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Do You Tend to Put On Extra Weight In The Winter? Here’s The Solution

Putting on weight during the winter is quite common and is linked to the lack of physical activities due to the cold weathers; people prefer to stay home or indoor to enjoy the warmth than go out and move their bodies. People also tend to eat more during the winter than any other reason. And this significant decline in the physical activities as well as the seasonal depression that most of us face during the winter is considered the main cause for the weight gain during this cold season.

Experts advice to combat these annoying side effects of the winter through exercising, especially exercises that are performed outdoors like running, jogging or brisk walking.

Here’s why exercising outdoors during the winter is the best way to avoid weight gain and seasonal depression.

1- It Is The Best Season to Run Outdoors.

Running in hot weather puts a pressure on the body to maintain its coolness which could leave you exhausted after the run, however in cold weather the case is the opposite, the cool air wil reduce the pressure on the body while the burning of the calories will maintain an optimal body temperature, after the run you will be energized, motivated and in a good mood.

2- A Way to Fight Winter Weight Gain.

In the winter we tend to emotionally eat high calories meals and don’t move as much which results in putting on weight, running in the winter is a great way to combat the winter blues that often lead you to emotional eating and is a great way to do some physical activities.

3- Fights Depression.

The lack of exposure to sunlight during the winter months as well as the cold weather can all lead to seasonal depression. Running outdoors is a great way to fight this phenomenon, when you practice this physical activity, your body will secrete more serotonin to give you a boost in your mood, besides the energy boost you will get after the run that will keep you energized and warm the whole day.

4- Boosts The Metabolism.

During the winter, the metabolic rate of the body tends to decline a bit which causes a drop in the energy levels in the body, running in the morning can kick start your metabolism and fool your body to burn more calories and provide higher energy levels.

Note: Avoid warming up indoors then going for a jog or a run outdoors because the significant change in the weather could contract your muscles, instead start with a regular walk then start to increase the pace of your speed regularly.

Do You Tend to Put On Extra Weight In The Winter Here's The Solution

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