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Ten Ways To Boost Your Energy Naturally “without caffeine or sugar”

The boost of energy that energy drinks gives you is coming from the huge amount of caffeine and sugar contained in these types of drinks which will yes boost your energy for a short time but negatively affect your waist line . for a safer and healthier option try the following healthy ways to boost your energy level , take a look below at these amazing Ten Ways To Boost Your Energy Naturally “without caffeine or sugar” .

10- Get In The Sun .

Taking a short walk or sitting in the sun for a few minutes should be effective enough to boost your energy level , whenever you feel down in your office try getting out in the sun and taking in some fresh air , that should make you feel more energetic because the sun will help your body release serotonin more .

9- Eat An Apple .

This is another great and healthy way to boost your energy level without energy drinks , eat an apple , apple is a great source for vitamins , fibers and natural glucose that will give you a boost that will last longer than an energy drink .

8- Drink Water .

Water is proven to help energy to be released in your body , when you are hydrated your body organs work better and your blood circulate much better which will make your body feel more energetic , so drink a glass of cold water , maybe that’s all you need .

7- Eat A Banana .

Banana is another great natural energy booster as it is a good source of the energy boosting vitamin B6 and potassium which low levels of can cause drowsiness , even one banana is enough to boost your energy level more than an energy drink does .

6- Take walk .

Walking was proven by a study that was made by the university of California State that walking can boost your level as twice as an energy drink does , only ten minutes walking should be enough to release the stored energy in your body .

5- Spinach .

Spinach will provide your body with a lot of nutrients that will help boosting your energy levels for all afternoon long , make sure to have a spinach salad in your lunchtime , it is a great energy booster that you should not overlook .

4- Listen To Music .

Listening to some upbeat music is proven to reduce fatigue and not only your energy level will be boosted but also your mood , music help increasing the dopamine levels in the body that make you feel more energetic .

3- Humus .

Humus is a tasty meal that is made of chickpeas , and it is a great energy booster , it is also great to improve memory and brain power specially if eaten with fresh vegetables and some fresh nuts , you can even make your own humus at home it is easy and can be prepared in a big amount and stored in the freezer .

2- Stand Up More Often .

If you are an office worker then it is very likely that you spend over 7 hours everyday sitting down , which is not good for your health , to boost your energy level simply to to stand up more often during the work day .

1- Walnuts .

Walnuts is a great snack that will fill you up and give your brain its needed alertness , walnuts are a great source for omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins that your brain need to function better , just a handful of walnuts in the afternoon will keep you going till the end of the work day

Ten Ways To Boost Your Energy Naturally “without caffeine or sugar”

Ten Ways To Boost Your Energy Naturally

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