Ten Ways Go Stay Awake And Active Without Stimulators

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to stay awake for long time to finish a project, finish your work or studies or even because of your children stress? We’re you sipping on stimulators like coffee and tea all day to cope with the stress? Well are you aware of the harm excessive levels of caffeine can cause you? For example too much caffiene consumed can cause hormonal imbalance and disrupt the functioning of your thyroid which eventually lead to many health problems, needless to experience any of those health problems, you can stay awake and have energy for long time without having to take caffeine, the following are just a few ways to help you stay awake without stimulators.

1- Napping.

Taking a short nap like only twenty minutes or half an hour Napping is not going to waste your time, you will be able to concentrate even more after you take your nap and you will experience exceptional energy for at least eight more hours. So whenever you feel tired just take a few minutes nap .

2- Shower.

Taking a cold shower is one of the best ways to wake up properly and restore your energy levels back, it works like magic yet it may be quit difficult to do if you are at work, if you are in a place where you can not take a quick cold shower, splash some water on your face and neck to feel better.

3- Get Some Fresh Air.

If you feel tired and sleepy, getting some fresh air will surely wake you up in no time, take a short walk, the physical activity and the fresh air will help burning some fats and turning it into energy.

4- Change Your Position Regularly.

To avoid getting tired and sleepy at work, you will need to change your seating position every few minutes like twenty minutes or so, stand up or shake your legs and body, this will help promoting the blood circulation in your body and in result give you a burst of energy.

5- Listen To Music.

Listening to music while you are working or studying is a good way to raise your heart beats and keep you awake for some time longer, however make sure the music you listen to is not soft and relaxing because that will further worsen the problem.

6- Take Feel Breath.

Deep slow breath will assure enough levels of oxygen getting to your brain which will help increase your concentration levels and energy levels.

7- Take Vitamin B Complex.

Vitamin B complex is a great aid to help the stored fats turning into energy, this will keep your metabolism rate high throughout the day and in result you will not feel tired or sleepy in the middle of the day.

8- Climb The Stairs Up And Down.

Although you may think you are wasting time and you want to stick to your desk to get the most of the work done in short time, climbing up and down the stairs will boost your energy levels to an extent that you can accomplish a lot of work in a short time. Physical activities increase the body’s metabolism and in result boost the energy levels.

9- Eat Healthy.

Make sure to refuel your system regularly with healthy food that will not make you feel sleepy and tired, Fatty foods and fast foods or drinks that are loaded with sugar will make you feel tired quickly and tax your system, while fresh salads and fruit juices will increase your energy levels while nourishing your body.

10- Stay Hydrated.

The hydration of your body keep on getting down by time,and dehydration is one of the major causes for fatigue, lake of energy and sleepiness, therefore you need to make sure your body is Hydrated with fresh water all the time. Stay away from sugar juices and stick with water as it has the ability to release up to 25 percent of the stored energy in your body.

Ten Ways Go Stay Awake And Active Without Stimulators

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