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Ten Ways To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath.

Garlic is a delicious ingredient in many dishes, who doesn’t like pasta and garlic bread, but although we enjoy eating meals prepared with garlic it may be unpleasant for most of us the bad breath smell that garlic leave behind, the sulfuric odor in garlic can persist for up to three days and it is not always very easy to get rid of it, however there are some tried effective ways to hide and neutralize the smell while refreshing your breath in a nice way. Below is 10 tips on how to get rid of garlic breath effectively and easily

1- Mustard.

Mustard contain turmeric which has been shown to be effective in terminating bad breath smell. Take one spoon of mustard and move it around your mouth without swallowing it for one minute, then spit it out, now take half a spoon of mustard repeat the same action but this time swallow it, the mustard should take away the sulfuric odor of garlic from deep in your lungs and you can enjoy a fresh breath.

2- Opt For Breath Mints Or Peppermint Chewing Gums.

This can be effective to eliminate the garlic breath for sometime, try to get a brand that is made with a strong essence and peppermint essential oil.

3- Try Fresh Parsley.

Parsley is a great way to get rid of garlic breath quickly as it co twins high levels of chlorophyll that freshen up the breath naturally, it is also rich with anti-inflamatory, antibacterial and detoxing properties that should help you getting rid of mouth or body odor from the source.

4- Chew Fennel, Anise, Cardamon or Clove.

These herbs are known with their distinctive pleasant smell that can hide and neutralize your garlic breath almost instantly. You can also opt to chew fresh leaves of mint.

5- Drink Full Fat Milk.

The fat contained in milk should help you getting rid of garlic breath, it seems to be very helpful in neutralizing and suppressing the sulfurous odor of garlic, just drink a glass of full fat milk after you enjoy your meal that is prepared with garlic.

6- Eat Yogurt.

Studies proven that the good bacteria in yogurt helps to fight the bad bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath or gum infections in the first place, and it also helps to get rid of garlic breath.

7- Chew Roasted Coffee Beans.

Coffee beans have antibacterial components that are active in fighting microorganisms that cause bad breath, thus chewing a few roasted coffee beans after eating a meal that contain garlic can help you getting rid of garlic breath.

8- Eat Something Cold.

The smell of garlic seems to increase when you take something hot after eating garlic, so you better opt to have ice cream or any other cold or frozen desert after you enjoy your meal.

9- Eat Lemon.

Lemon is another very effective neutralizer for your mouth, as it kills bacteria that cause bad breath beside its freshening smell and effect, drink an ice cold lemon juice after you eat a meal that has garlic or you can even chew lemon peeks directly it will be very helpful.

10- Drink Minty Green Tea.

Minty green tea contain polyphenols that inhebit the odor of hydrogen sulfide produced from garlic, therefore drinking a nice cup of minty green tea during or after your meal will be great to neutralize and eliminate the garlic breath.

Ten Ways To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

Ten Ways To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

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