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Ten Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy

Maintaining a healthy and fit body require some discipline from you, being on an extremely tough diet won’t help you as well as being extremely careless about your health, Doing everything in moderation will make you satisfied and help you achieve your goals faster and without much stress. Check out these Ten Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy below.

10- Eat Fruits, Vegetables and soups.

Before you eat your daily main meal it is better to start with a good size plate of salad or healthy soup, studies proved that taking salads or soups before the main meal result in consuming fewer calories, Besides, fruits and vegetables provide your body with its needed daily amounts of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are required to keep your body healthy and fit

9- Have A Proper Breakfast And Light Dinner.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Thus it has to be healthy and filling to carry you throughout that day with adequate levels of energy, On the other hand, Dinner is always stored in the body as fat and not processed by the body easily, so you need to make sure to have a light dinner at least four hours before you get to bed.

8- Drink Enough Water.

Our bodies are made up of 60% of water, Water is essential for all our body processed, In addition, water helps flushing away toxins that your get in contact with daily by polluted environment, Thus drinking an adequate amount of water which is no less than 8 glasses daily is essential to maintain a healthy and fit body.

7- Have A Good Hygiene.

It is important to have a good hygiene, wash your hands frequently throughout the day and specially after you get in contact with someone sick or use the bathroom, brush your teeth and tongue at least twice a day, maintain a clean surrounding whether at your home or work.

6- Improve Your Social connection.

It is proven that those who have strong bonds with family, friends and neighbors tend to enjoy a healthier life than those with poor social connections, connecting with other people help to keep us emotionally and mentally fit and healthy.

5- Express Your Emotions In The Correct Manner.

Expressing your emotions in a correct way help you to be physically and mentally healthy, those who keep their emotions trapped in their hearts specially negative emotions are prone to depression and anxiety or mental illness.

4- Find Yourself A Hobby.

Being passionate about a hobby helps to keep you both mentally and physically healthy, If you don’t already have a hobby then spend sometime searching for a hobby that would be interesting for you, learn something new and stop wasting your free time checking on Facebook.

3- Have An Active Lifestyle.

Exercise should be your first interests if you are looking to maintain a healthy and fit body, exercising regularly don’t only maintain a good body shape, but also keep your heart and mind healthy.

2- Get Adequate Duration Of Sleep.

Having an adequate and fixed sleep patterns and duration is another necessity to remain healthy and fit, adults need seven to nine hours per night while children need nine to eleven hours per night. You can improve the quality of your sleep by having your room completely dark and quite.

1- Establish Regular Visits To Health Care Provider.

There are many advantages in regularly checking up on your health with a health care provider that you trust, your doctor or health care provider will give you advises on what you should adapt in your lifestyle according to your own and your family medical history to avoid developing the diseases that you may be at risk the most

Ten Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy

Ten Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy

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