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Ten Tips To Prevent Aging Signs

Different women show aging signs on different times , and sometime some women get aging signs much earlier than they should, wrong skin care habits over time can cause premature aging signs like skin thinning , wrinkles and fine lines , in order to prevent the annoying aging signs you need to provide an ideal situation for your skin to remain fresh and young , read on this article to find out the Ten Tips To Prevent Aging Signs .

10- Don’t Over Wash Your Face .

Over washing your face will cause its natural protecting oils and moisture to dry up, which make you more exposed to aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines , don’t over wash your face and unless your soap have a moisturizer you better use a suitable face cleanser for your skin type .

9- Use A Rich Moisturizer .

Many women are so obsessed about the different types of anti-aging products and ignoring the powerful result of a simple rich moisturizer, skin that is well moisturized looks healthier and the aging signs are way less noticeable .

8- Stay Away From Stress .

Stress cause specific hormones like cortisol to be released in your body that have negative effects on many of your body organs and particularly your skin , cortisol that is released due to high stress levels decrease the muscular tissue underneath your skin which make your skin look thinner and more flappy as a result .

7- Eat Healthy Food .

This is very obvious , healthy food keep all your body healthy for longer times , having the adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and fibers from fruits and vegetables will keep your skin as the rest of the body organs healthy .

6- Sleep On Your Back .

Sleeping on your sides or your chest will form wrinkles on that surface that is squeezed into the billow throughout the night and in order to prevent that pay attention to always try to sleep on your back .

5- Get Enough Sleep .

When you sleep less you expose yourself to stress which as we mentioned above release cortisol that break up the skin cells , having adequate sleeps will help you produce more HGH ” Human Growth Hormone ” which will keep your skin elastic and healthy .

4- Quit Smoking .

Beside the many negative health effects of smoking on the body , smoking cause premature aging for the skin and can even cause skin cancer , the repetitive actions the are involved with smoking a cigarette like dragging the fumes into your mouth or squinting over time cause wrinkles around your eyes and mouth .

3- Drink More Water .

Being dehydrated is thew second major cause of wrinkles and premature early signs , to prevent that make sure to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday , this will keep your akin elastic and moist .

2- Avoid Exposure To Sun .

The sun is the No 1 major cause of wrinkles and unhealthy skin , try to stay indoor while the sun is strongest and make sure to apply a high quality sun screen with enough SPF before you step out in the sun .

1- Consult Your Dermatologist .

If all the above don’t give you your desired results and you’d rather choosing surgical options like peels , fillers, botox or laser then you should consult your dermatologist who will guide you well through this process .

Ten Tips To Prevent Aging Signs

Ten Tips To Prevent Aging Signs

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