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Ten Tips To Avoid Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning sickness is a very irritating symptoms of pregnancy, it varies in terms if its severity from one pregnant woman to the other, some women experience morning sickness as soon as they wake up before eating and some other women experience it throughout the day long. If you are pregnant and want to get rid of morning sickness or even ease it a bit then you will find this list helpful, the list below consist of Ten Tips To Avoid Morning Sickness During Pregnancy.

10- Avoid Strong Smells.

Your body during pregnancy and due to the crazy hormonal imbalance going on with it gets very sensitive to smells, whether nice smells or bad smells, smells in general will upset your stomach, so if you want to avoid the morning sickness then try to avoid any smells and always make sure to open the windows and fresh up your home air.

9- Express It.

You should know that those who are around you should be considering your feelings and specially your husband and family, talking about your feeling will give them a clear idea of what you are going through and help ease your bad feeling of morning sickness, don’t be shy and tell your husband that his perfumes and deodorants strong smells irritate your stomach.

8- Stay Hydrated.

During pregnancy you need to consume more water than a regular adult who is supposed to drink about eight glasses of water daily, you as pregnant need to drink the to twelve glasses of water everyday, water will ease your nausea and keep your blood pressure under control during pregnancy.

7- Find Foods That Don’t Trigger Nausea.

Although each woman is different, many women find some foods unbearable during pregnancy and some others are acceptable, ginger crackers and tomatoes juice work wonders in controlling the feeling of nausea while eggs, milk and cheeses do the opposite.

6- Eat Before You Get Out Of Bed.

While you are still in bed try to eat two or three lightly salted crackers or some ginger crackers and drink two sips of water or orange juice, moving with an empty stomach increase the nausea and lead to vomiting so putting something in your stomach before you even get out of bed will help you avoid the morning sickness.

5- Eat Time Energy Releasing Foods.

Foods like oatmeal and sweet potato release energy in your body over long time, they don’t give a quick rush like refined carbohydrates, they get absorbed slowly which keep your hunger under control for reasonable time.

4- Have Refreshing Juices.

Refreshing juices like orange juice, grapefruit juice and lemon juices mixed with 1:1 water will help control your nausea, keep beside your bed a glass of orange juice and at morning before you step out of bed drink it slowly.

3- Go Out.

The fresh air and beautiful outer views can help you think of something different than your nausea, taking a walk with a friend and chit chatting will get your mind off of your feeling of being sick.

2- Avoid Stress.

Stress trigger hormones to be released in your body that may make your nausea worse beside harming your unborn baby and your own health, the last thing you want to have during pregnancy is getting stressed over anything at all.

1- Sleep It Off.

Sleeping and relaxing is very important for a pregnant woman, if you don’t work then just take as long sleep as you need, don’t think to come out of bed if you don’t have to, turn on your TV and enjoy some crackers and water or juice without getting out of bed.

Ten Tips To Avoid Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Ten Tips To Avoid Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

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