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Ten Tips To Activate Your Brain

Your brain is just like the rest of your body organs, It need regular exercising in order to stay in shape, function better and remain healthy for longer, Exercising your brain happen by regularly practicing activities that stimulate your brain to function that best it could, On this article we will inform you of Ten Tips To Activate Your Brain you can start doing today to boost your intelligence, cognition and memory.

10- Wikipedia Random .

Wikipedia random is a good way to get to increase your knowledge about random things in a fun way, you can start your morning everyday reading one or two random articles to train your brain to learn about something new everyday.

9- Write More Than Type .

Typing is faster and more efficient to input words than writing with your hands we agree, However writing with your hands enhance your concentrating abilities and allow your brain to process the information you actively are focused for more efficiently that is because it trigger your brain’s filtering system “The reticular activating system” to function better.

8- Tell Yourself Stories.

Story telling has been used as an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease patients, Story telling improve the memory by allowing your brain to remember easier small details, In addition, storytelling involve emotions with details which enhance your brain’s ability of remembering those details later.

7- Brain Training Webapps .

Brain training webapps is another fun way to improve your brain power by taking new activities that were designed specifically to enhance your memory and ability of processing information, You get a score after each activity that will improve with daily practicing.

6- Discover Your Brain Faults And Try Fixing Them.

Your brain can be doing various activities a great way already but get stuck at others, that is normal for all humans, You may not be able to totally fix your brain faults but by recognizing those faults you can work on fixing them which allow you to get as much benifit of your brain’s potential power as you could.

5- Act As If You Are Teaching .

When you act as if you are teaching while doing a task it help you more to utilize your brain skills and recall the needed steps to accomplish the task you are doing more effectively, It will also help you avoid making mistakes.

4- Practice Simple Math.

Stop relying on your calculator and instead use your head, make a ten minutes daily activity where you challenge yourself to solve as many math problem as could be, this effective brain exercise would sharpen your brain and get it much faster at processing and solving problems than before.

3- Meditate.

Meditation is an effective way to reduce stress that that lead to reducing our brain and body abilities, meditation help you reduce your stress and anxiety levels while increasing your concentration on positive things in the life.

2- Sudoku.

Sudoku is a fun way to stimulate and enhance your problem solving abilities, it is a number puzzle that is loved by many people around the world for centuries. You can play it online, on Facebook or even on your mobile phone in your spare time.

1- Healthy Diet And Exercise Regime.

A healthy balanced diet and an exercise regime are essential for a healthy body, anything you try to do to improve your brain power will be helpless if you don’t exercise and healthy food. There are many foods that improve the brain power such as Salmon, tuna, broccoli and walnuts.

Ten Tips To Activate Your Brain

Ten Tips To Activate Your Brain

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