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Ten Things Men Like About Women More Than The Good Looks

There are many other factors that can make your man for more and more in love with you other than how you look or how you dress, looks is for sure important but it comes last once it comes to settling down, among all the other things that make a man love a woman and want to spend the rest of his life are the following ten factors , I’m sure if you ask your boyfriend he will confirm that there are many more other things he love about you than the looks alone, find out the Ten Things Men Like About Women More Than The Good Looks.

10- Being A Good Listener.

All men appreciate and feel peace with a woman who is a good listener, a woman who doesn’t argue back and has no “I told you so” in her vocabularies , a woman who truly listen and cares for what she is listening to is very appreciated by men, you want to make sure to listen to your man with care and realize that most men like to think and process their problems before they actually speak about it, so be patient and wait until he feels to speak about his problems with you.

9- Being Spontaneous .

Men don’t like fake women, you man would love you so much more if you just be yourself without faking or pretending, sing, dance around the home and show your real feelings, simply just be yourself and you will be more appreciated and loved by your man .

8- To Love Yourself .

Men find a woman who loves herself and happy about what she has much more attractive than that one who don’t stop shinning about what she doesn’t have, if you are happy about yourself and what you have you will bring positive energy around your man which will make him successfully proceed towards success.

7- Being A Good Cook .

The old saying ” The shortest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is absolutely true, men love the women that can cook nicely and believe that they are going to be a good wife, even if you can’t cook, showing your interest to learn how to cook will surely impress your man.

6- Able To Compromise .

Most men agree that this is a very important trait that must be in the woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with, being able to find solutions that both sides will be happy with, sacrificing a little to make your man happy are all qualities that make the relationship last longer.

5- Caring.

Your man would love to see that you are caring about him and the relationship, repeating I love you every second is not the ideal way to show your feelings, instead do actions that shows your man how much you care about him and love him, baby him when he is tired or sick, surprise him every once in a while, show your interest in his hobbies and take care of his precious things.

4- Being Funny.

Men love to forget and ease all their day stress with their women , some sense of humor from you will enliven and freshen up your man, men are impressed by a woman that have a good sense of humor.

3- Taking Care Of Herself .

Don’t be surprised it is true men actually love to see us taking care of ourselves, experts say that a woman who takes good care of herself will also take good care of her man, plus its your man who enjoy the benefit if your facial creams, masks and body waxing so yes they do love a woman who takes care of herself.

2- Being Reliable .

Your man would like to see that he can count on you if thing start getting difficult, he would want to be secure that you will be there beside him in the good and hard times, make him feel that you are a strong woman who can sacrifice and can be counted on .

1- Having a Motherly Instinct.

This is a very important quality that men look for in their women, you man wants to feel that the woman he will send the rest of his life with can take good care of him and their children.


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