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Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do If You’ve Gained Weight

It happens to all of us , sometimes we gain some extra pounds , and it is ok only if you know what to do about it and what not to do , you should be aware of anything that may add to the problem, on this list you will know about Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do If You’ve Gained Weight in order to make it easier on you to get your shape faster .

10- Don’t Skip Meals .

Skipping meals won’t help you lose weight faster as you may be thinking , planning your snacks and eating a healthy meal every a few hours will keep your blood sugar stabilized and your metabolism rate high which is what you need to burn fat and stay energetic throughout the day .

9- Don’t Punish Yourself .

Mentally punishing yourself will only add to the problem and may eventually lead to emotional eating , practicing self-compassion will help you remain positive and achieve your goal even faster , accept your weight gain for now and realize that it is a problem that can be fixed by some effort from you .

8- Don’t Spend Too Much On New Cloths .

Not fitting in your skinny jeans feel awful we all know but spending too much money new cloths won’t be wise because your weight gain is only temporary , instead buy a few new prices that will make you feel and look good .

7- Don’t Over Weight Yourself .

A healthy weight loss take time and effort you need to be patient on your weight losing process and focus to remain discipline , typically you should lose from one to two rounds a week depending on your body and how much water you are retaining , so it is better to weight yourself once a week in the morning before eating or drinking with light cloth , remember it is not all about numbers .

6- Don’t Over Exercise .

Stick to an exercising plan that is suitable for your body and be consistent and steady, don’t over exercise if you are so ambitious about losing weight because the whole process may go the opposite way, over exercising may lead to over eating which will cause you to put on weight .

5- Don’t Stop Exercising Either .

Like I said earlier a balanced exercise regime what is needed to help you losing weight , not exercising at all and over exercising should both be avoided , a 30 to 60 minutes exercising everyday will help you lose your extra pounds safer and healthier .

4- Don’t Try Unhealthy Diets .

Poor diets and starving yourself for long hours won’t be that helpful to lose weight , what you should be doing is sustaining a healthy diet that consist of real not processed food that are rich with fibers, vitamins and minerals but at the same time low in calories .

3- Don’t Ignore Your Hunger .

Try to learn to listen to your body and satisfy your hunger the wisest and the healthiest way , you should eat a healthy snack when you feel slightly hungry and not when you feel bored and and want to stuff yourself with food for the fun of it .

2- Don’t Focus On What You Shouldn’t Eat .

Focusing on what you shouldn’t eat will only cause you to make the wrong choice or get desperate which will still eventually cause you to make a wrong decision , instead try focusing on all the super powerful , healthy and tasty foods you can choose from that won’t trouble your weight losing process .

1- Don’t Be Fappy ” Fat And Happy” .

Accepting yourself the way you are is needed to some extent , However accepting your problems and not taking a single step towards solving the problems you have is absolutely negative , you should realize that being fat is a problem that can lead to many other more serious problems and work on fixing it .

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Ten Things You Shouldn't Do If You've Gained Weight

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