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Ten Super Foods For Healthy Teeth

Tooth Decay is a condition that happen when sugary food ( including carbohydrates ) such as candies , cakes , pasta , bread, etc get left on the teeth for long time which create a great environment for the bacteria in the mouth to turn these foods into acids that later on get stuck on the teeth forming plaque and cavity , But the good news is that not all foods lead to teeth damage , you can actually improve your teeth health by eating certain types of foods , on this article we will inform you of the Ten Super Foods For Healthy Teeth that you can include in your daily diet to keep your teeth strong and healthy .

10- Lean Protein .

You can get lean protein from red meats , eggs , and poultry , Lean protein is rich with a mineral named phosphorous which is essential to maintain healthy tooth enamel , Additionally to its effect on lowering pH levels in the mouth discouraging bacterial growth that eventually lead to cavity .

9- Milk .

As it is well known , Milk contain calcium that is needed to maintain strong and healthy bones and teeth , Calcium will also help to protect your teeth against periodontal ( gums condition ) , we recommend that you drink low fat milk so you still get the benefit of calcium and avoid the fat in regular milk .

8- Xylitol Gum .

Although not food but chewing gums that are sweetened with xylitol are shown to prevent cavity effectively , Scientists still are not sure about the mechanism of this ingredients in protecting against cavity so effectively , but it seems to suppress the growth of bacteria in the mouth including Streptococcus mutans.

7- Cheese .

Cheese is derived from milk and it is another tasty option to get calcium if you don’t like drinking milk , having sufficient levels of calcium in your body maintain your teeth strong by forming a protective coat against cavity.

6- Chewy Vegetables .

Chewy fruits like carrots and celery require extra chewing than softer foods which help producing more saliva that reduce the acidity produced by bacteria hence protecting the enamel surface of the teeth plus cleaning between the teeth .

5- Kiwi And Orange .

Both kiwi and orange are great sources of vitamin C , a medium orange provide your body with over 70% of its daily needed amount of vitamin C and a kiwi can provide you with more than 100% of the vitamin C you need a day , vitamin C contribute in producing more collagen that is needed to protect your gums from tenderness and bleeding , vitamin C also boost your immune and in result prevent cavity , gum inflammations and bacterial growth .

4- Strawberries .

Strawberries is another source of vitamin C and in addition it is also a great source of polyphenols that help inhibiting the bacterial growth in the mouth and help breaking down starch that adhere to the teeth causing plaque , cavity and gum diseases .

3- Water .

Staying hydrated contribute in the production of saliva which is the greatest defense against bacterial growth in the mouth , water also help washing down the left food particles that later on compose and cause bad breath .

2- Green Tea .

Green tea is a source of antioxidants that protect you your gum cells from damage , a study was made on a group of participants who rinsed their mouth for five minutes with green tea after eating and the test resulted in less bacteria and acid in the mouth , Green Tea also an anti-inflammatory substance that help protecting you against eriodontal (gum) disease.

1- Apples .

The old saying “ An apple a day keep the doctor away “ is true , apples are loaded with many vitamins and minerals that the body needs , but when it comes to your teeth health , apples work as a natural toothbrush that stimulate the production of saliva , protect the gums and get rid of the starch build ups on the teeth.

Ten Super Foods For Healthy Teeth

Ten Super Foods For Healthy Teeth

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