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Ten Of The Health Benefits Of Laughter

Laughter is a part of our human behavior, it is a sign of positive interactions with others, it boost the mood, ease stress and make the body just perform better, laughing is also considered a good way to eliminate toxins from your body it is the best medicine to remain positive and cope with hard stressful time , your body produce beneficial hormones when you laugh that just help to make you feel better, there are a lot to laughter than just boosting your mood , let us discover below Ten Of The Health Benefits Of Laughter .

10- Relieves Pain .

New studies conducted that the endorphins that your body produce as a result of laughter is 4 times more effective than the same amount of endorphins, a little good laugh is enough to temporarily relieve your aches and make you feel much better.

9- Help You Socialize Better.

Laughter is contagious, if you bring laughter to those around you you will reduce their stress levels and boost their mood, which will surely improve your social interaction , the more laughter you bring to those around you the more you will be remarkable in their minds for the positive energy you bring .

8- A Good Exercise .

You give your muscles an amazing exercise by laughing, it works out your shoulders, your stomach abs and your heart muscles which leave your muscles and your total body relaxed and in a better condition.

7- Helps In Weight Loss.

This is another amazing benefit of laughter, when you laugh your heart rate increase, which boost your metabolism and in result help you shed more pounds and feel more energetic .

6- Improve Your Breathing.

When you laugh deeply, you increase your lungs capacity just like when you hold your breath and in result help you exercise more without getting tired or short of breath, laughter also help cleaning your lung.

5- Improve Your Relationship .

Men love women who have a good sense of humor and bring laughter to the relationship, it was found that women actually laugh 125% more than men, laughing with you partner is a great way to keep your relationship smooth and warm.

4- Fight Depression.

Laughter is known to be an effective therapy for depression, stress, anxiety and irritation, it was found that laughter is an effective treatment to depression specially in the elder suffered as it bring a feeling of satisfaction that improve their social interaction and overall condition.

3- Live Longer.

Studies showed that elder people who are optimistic and positive about their expectations from life we less likely to die from various diseases like stocks, heart attack, hypertension and diabetes than those who were pessimistic .

2- Protect Your Heart.

Those who often laugh were found to have normal blood pressure readings than those who don’t laugh regularly, when you laugh your get a good exercise which make your blood pressure spike at first then go down to normal levels additionally, when you exercise you provide an effective workout for your heart muscles which make it function better

1- Improve Your Immune System.

Laughing was proven to stimulate the production of antibodies T cells which make you less likely to catch infections, In addition, laughter reduce the production of hormones that are associated with stress like cortisol that was found to have a negative effect of skin and other organs of the body.

Ten Of The Health Benefits Of Laughter

Ten Of The Health Benefits Of Laughter

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