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Ten Most Impractical Phobias In The World

All of us have things that we fear to a certain extent , whether it is spider or high places but in the end of the day we know how to manage these fears and don’t let them be a source of a social embracement in our lives , However some people are not fortunate to suffer from some types of impractical phobias that cause their daily lives to be on hold , it can be irritating if you are suffering phobia of something you have to deal with everyday , or something that is not commonly feared by normal people which might cause some sort of embracement in your life and stand in the way of your socializing , discover the Ten Most Impractical Phobias In The World below .

10- Arachibutyrophobia

Arachibutyrophobia is a fear of peanut butter and when we speak about Arachibutyrophobic people we are not including those who are allergic to peanuts , literally some people are afraid of the sticky texture of the peanut butter to stick in the roofs of their mouths and cause chocking , the sufferers are able to consume peanut butter in small amounts .

9- Bibliophobia .

Bibliophobia is the fear of books , many of us still have the old fashioned books that we had years ago and we are cherishing them as they present some type of a comfort for us , but for those who suffer from this phobia even a small idea of reading a book will cause them to have a panic attack , the symptoms start with heavy breathing and sweating .

8- Carnophobia .

Carnophobia is fear of meat , and when we mention Carnophibic we don’t mean the regular vegetarian people that avoid meats due to a health of ethical reasons but we actually are speaking about people that will freak out and panic when they see a piece of pork , veal or chicken , the symptoms start with dry mouth and throat developing to heavily sweating and then panic attack .

7- Phobophobia .

Phobophobia is just fear of having a phobia , so imagine that just wondering whether you are having some sort of phobia or not can develop to become a phobia in itself and cause despair and irritations .

6- Nomophobia .

Nomophobia is a fear of having no access to a mobile phone which present in our present world in big numbers , just the idea of losing connection with friends , family or the internet world can cause people to freak out .

5- Spectrophobia .

Spectrophobia is fear of mirrors , the sufferers are not able to look at their reflections in mirrors or glass at all as they think that whatever is going to be reflected in the mirror is an evil soul that is chasing them .

4- Heliophobia .

Heliophobia is fear of the sun light , specialists assume that Heliophobia is actually caused by an inner sensitivity of light and mainly people that are sensitive to light are the ones that suffer from this type of phobia the most .

3- Interphobia .

Interphobia is fear of internet , although you can find people that are having ubnormal fears of passing a day without logging into the social media apps and websites on the other hands you find people that will lose their mind if they see a website loading or internet open .

2- Decidophobia .

Decidophobia is the fear of making a decision , all of us make many choices throughout our daily lives however the case with Decidophobic people is abnormal disability to make any type of choice even the minor ones , the fear can be caused by worrying about the consequences of the choice or making a wrong choice , those people usually suffer from being in public and are always looking for other’s help .

1- Scopophobia .

Scopophobia is the fear of being stared at , yes it can be very unpleasing to being stared at but for the sufferers of this phobia they can have a panic attack because of someone looking at them , the phobia is usually caused by an inner lake of self confidence .

Ten Most Impractical Phobias In The World

Ten Most Impractical Phobias In The World Ten Most Impractical Phobias In The World

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