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Ten Minutes To Apply Perfect Quick Makeup

You don’t have hours to get yourself ready every day, but you still need to look your best in public regardless to whether you needed ten minutes or ten hours to look your best. Applying a professional makeup could take some time if added to blowing your hair and organizing your clothes for the morning and sometimes you are on a real rush and so we brought you these tips to still look gorgeous and don’t have to spend more than ten minutes applying your makeup.

1- Wash Your Face.

This is the first to a fresh looking face, sweaty skin will never be a pleasing sight no matter how much makeup products you use, so make sure you wash your face thoroughly with a good face wash and ensure that you get rid of any old traces of makeup. Pat your face dry with a clean towel then we can start the process. This step will take you less than three minutes.

2- Apply A Compact Powder.

Apply a layer of compact powder to your skin to give a good base to the makeup that you are going to use, coat your face, neck and all the visible areas of your skin until your chest. Applying compact powder as a base layer ensures that your makeup lasts longer. In the meantime use foundation to cover any scars, blemishes or dark spots. This step should take you about a minute.

3- Apply A Lip Liner.

Applying a lip liner will give an outline for your lips making your lips makeup look much neater and last longer and even though this step would only take you less than a second it will make others believe that you spent more time and effort on your lips.

4- Apply Lipstick.

The next step after applying lip liner is applying a good quality lipstick with a matching color to your complexion, makeup and the occasion, choose a type that will make your lips look more attractive and neat, start with the upper lip from the middle and slowly go towards the sides keeping in mind the edges then do the same with the lower lip. This step should take you another minute.

5- Wear An Eyeliner.

The first thing that anyone notices about you as they look at you is your eyes. An Eyeliner if worn correctly can add a much deeper definition to your eyes beauty. You can choose liquid eyeliner, pencil or cohl depending on how comfortable you are with the options. Wear it correctly and avoid mistakes because any mistake can require you to overdraft again.

Ten Minutes To Apply Perfect Quick Makeup

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