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Ten Lies You’ve Been Told About Losing Weight

Losing weight is the target of a lot of people , most of us want to get an ideal body and keep things that way ,and because losing weight is not an easy thing and it require effort and sacrifice, we sometimes get desperate which make us give our ears easily to any myths and believe them which can make losing weight much more complicated than it should be , Here are Ten Lies You’ve Been Told About Losing Weight .

9- Calories Differ .

Calories is a way to measure energy , but our bodies process different types of food a different way , calories from protein is better for losing weight than calories from sugar or carbohydrates , simply because processing protein calories accelerate fat burning , plus protein is needed to build muscle mass which burn more calories than fat storing .

8- Breakfast Is Bad For Losing Weight .

Researches shown that people who eat breakfast regularly weight less than those who skip breakfast , some nutrition experts may advice you to only have a slice of banana or a quarter of a grapefruit for breakfast in order to lose weight which turned out to be a myth , have a healthy breakfast that provide your body with vitamins and minerals and is low in calories .

7- Less Food And More Exercise .

Well this may have some truth in it , However it is still misleading in a way , when you reduce your calories intake you will lose weight and by time you will start losing less and less weight until you come to a point where you are not losing any weight at all no matter how much you exercise , that is because your body got used to low calories intake , changing your diet weekly can solve this problem .

6- Supplements Are Good For Losing Weight .

That is not true , supplements are meant for those suffering from vitamin deficiency , loving on a poor diet with supplements won’t do you any good in terms a of losing weight , you need to have a balanced healthy diet that contain protein . vitamins and minerals .

5- Reading Labels Help Controlling Your Calories Intake .

This may sound difficult to hear , but food producers can legally state that the product has a lower calorie content than it actually is .

4- You Should Only Eat When You Are Hungry .

Well that is true to a certain extent but hungry for what , most dieters feel that they are hungry when they actually are not , they may be only facing an emotional issue that make them reach out for comfort food to drown their anxiety by eating , make sure next time you are reaching for a snack to think about it twice .

3- Eggs Are Forbidden .

Eggs are packed with cholesterol , but good cholesterol that your body needs , not the harmful one that increase your risks of having heart diseases , eggs actually make you healthier , they are low in calories and filling which can help you losing weight .

2- Eat In Small Portions .

“Small” is a relative term , as we mentioned above calories differ , you can be eating small portions but consuming more calories that your body actually needs , and what you eat actually matters as well , a 100 calories chocolate bar is not as beneficial to your body as an apple .

1- You Can Trust Scientific Researches.

Scientists are not saints we all know , some of the scientific research can be sponsored by drug or sport equipments companies that will just twist facts to make you buy their products , so you need to be a bit cautious about what scientific researches you follow .

Ten Lies You’ve Been Told About Losing Weight

Ten Lies You've Been Told About Losing Weight

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