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Ten Must Have Gadgets In The Modern Kitchen

To impress your guests and family members with the best professionally made dishes you need the newest kitchen gadgets and tools , bots , bans and knives are just not enough anymore, cooking and serving dishes can be so much more fun than before , but to achieve that you must have these kitchen gadgets that can’t do without in the modern kitchen , let us find out the Ten Must Have Gadgets In The Modern Kitchen .

10- iKettle .

What is more luxurious than that? A kettle that works by an application on your mobile a simple click to turn it on and enjoy your tea without leaving your couch , this sleek addition to your modern kitchen have four different temperatures and a snoozing ability to keep the water warm .

9- Herb Savor .

The fresh herbs that you buy from the grocery shop can only last no more than a few days but with this herb savor you can enjoy fresh herbs for longer times , all you need to do is put the herbs in the pot , add water to the water tank and save it in the fridge .

8- Macaroon Helper .

Everyone love these little crispy macaroons , and with this macaroon helper you can control the amount of dough , and the mat is nonstick so you can remove your macaroons every once they are ready , it also comes with a recipe to start right away .

7- Jamie Oliver Flavor Shaker .

This pulverizer will help you prepare all your fresh and dried herbs and spices with its ceramic ball , it comes with a spoon to take the needed amount only , now you can prepare your favorite spices mixture in your home .

6- Stirr The Automatic Whisk.

Having to spend long time by the stove whisking your pasta sauce can be a bit boring , but now with Stirr the automatic whisk you can do something else while your sauce is being whisked automatically .

5- Piggy Wiggy .

This piggy wiggy will allow you enjoy your crispy bacon in the microwave in no time , just as crispy as you like it , it is safe , nice looking and even easy to clean .

4- Microwave Popcorn .

If you love popcorn but think its a big job to prepare it at home and at the same time you don’t want the microwave popcorn packs because of its high fat content then this bowl is the best solution for you , you can manage the ingredients you need in your popcorn and have it ready in no time .

3- Grill Thermometer .

You can prepare your perfectly cooked meat in the oven and manage the temperature exactly with the grill thermometer that will update you with the meat temperature on an application on your smartphone , you don’t need to keep on checking on the meat anymore you won’t need to even leave your couch .

2- Sous Vide Machine

With this gadget and pot you can manage cooking your vacuum packed foods with the perfect temperature needed for cooking it , now you can enjoy your fillets without any burns on the outside and undercooked parts on the inside .

1- Veggie Twister .

With this veggie twister you will be able to make your salad look much more interesting than before , your children will love eating vegetable shaped with interesting shapes , this has to be a part of your modern kitchen specially if you have children .

Gadgets In The Modern Kitchen