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Ten Fun Things To Do When Your Internet Is Down

All the modern technologies gadgets succeeded to occupy the biggest part of our lives if not all of our lives , we and specially the youngest generations have totally forgotten that there is another fun life to be enjoyed away from facebook and the other socializing websites , I myself feel lost if my internet connection get down for sometime , if you are like that too and for some reason you have to spend some time away from the internet then take a look below at these Ten Fun Things To Do When Your Internet Is Down .

10- Watch TV .

TV has always been a great source of entertainment ,you can pass hours of your spare time watching your favorite programs on TV without the need of internet connection , there is always something that worth watching for every different taste on TV , you can catch up with the latest sports news or watch some comedy , there will always be something to catch your attention and keep you entertained on TV .

9- Read Newspapers .

Being too busy with the internet all the time isolated us from the outside world, we have no idea what is going on in the world around us , newspapers will give you knowledge about what is happening in the world which is informing and entertaining , you can pass valuable time learning about the world .

8- Clean Up .

Many people may wonder how cleaning can be fun to be mentioned on this list at all, but trust me it is an interesting activity to do that have nice results , you can spend time decorating your bedroom or organizing your closet that you have been neglecting for long time , you can even paint your bedroom to pass time and give a lovely new look for your bedroom .

7- Find Yourself A Hobby .

The best way to spend valuable time without internet connection is to find yourself a hobby and make it your passion , learn a new sport , read books, learn how to play a musical instrument like guitar , Help your neighbors gardening or learn baby sitting you never know how fun anything can be except if you actually try it .

6- Cooking .

Cooking is such a fun experience and what is even more fun than cooking is seeing your family liking the food your cooked for them , even if you don’t know how to cook you still can find an interesting recipe from a cooking book and surprise your family with , if you never cooked before trust me this will be such an interesting and time passing activity to do .

5- Gaming.

Gaming can be an interesting way to spend time , you can play a classic game like chess, seduce, cross words or puzzle or you can go for video games on your pc or compete with your friends or siblings in your playstation favorite game .

4- Read A Book .

Reading a book or a novel can be an extremely fun way to pass time , you can choose books according to your taste , You can get some scientific knowledge by reading a scientific research , a history book or even a mystery or fiction novels , if you are one of those who can’t stand reading too many pages books then don’t be disheartened you can still find interesting comics that will entertain you .

3- Get Outside Of The Home .

Walking in the park or cycling can be a fun way to spend spare time and it is good for your health too , what is better than waking during the sunset while listening to your favorite music or chit chatting with your best friend? Walking is sure to make you happy as it help releasing endorphins in your body that will keep your mood up .

2- Watch A Movie .

When there is no internet and you don’t feel to do much what is better than watching some movies with your family or even alone? Get a bowl full of popcorn , your favorite drinks and snacks and put on a DVD of your favorite movie to enjoy some fun time with your family or friends

1- Visit Your Family .

One of the disadvantages of modern technology is that we became slaves to it and it is keeping us too busy to the extent that we don’t even have some time for ourselves or our families , making a visit to your old family members will bring a lot of happiness for all of you , you can enjoy the company of your family and make them feel like they are taken care of and they are on your mind .

Ten Fun Things To Do When Your Internet Is Down