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Ten Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Before Going To Bed

A good night sleep is what we all long for after a long day of hard working , and in order to get a comfortable sleep you need to pay attention to what you eat short time before going to bed , while some foods and drinks can help you having a good night sleep , some other foods ” greasy and fatty” will disturb your rest , find out these Ten Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Before Going To Bed so you can have a quality sleep.

10- Pizza .

Your stomach is like the rest of your body organs would like an hint of relax while your other body organs are relaxing , giving it greasy and salty pizzas will give it a hard work to do , tomato sauce and greasy high fat toppings are enough to wake you up with acid reflux , you don’t want such an annoying feeling in your sleep do you? If you have to do then consider healthier pizza toppings and just stop at one slice .

9- Candy Bars .

If you don’t want to wake up terrified of a horrible nightmare try to avoids high sugar candy bars before sleep , a study showed that consuming high sugar foods before bed cause the brain to have more nightmarish waves during the sleep .

8- Ice Cream .

Ice creams are loaded with fat which mean either high level of energy you don’t need right before going to bed or weight gain because all that fat if not burned and it won’t get a chance to be burned if you go to bed it will be stored as fat in your body which you don’t need if you are trying to maintain an ideal body , add to that the sugar content that can cause nightmares .

7- Celery .

Celery is very healthy and one of the most nutritious foods you can eat , but having it right before bed may intercept your sleep as celery is a diuretic which will end you up having to wake up for a urine break , try to avoids celery right before bed but have it all day long .

6- Garlic .

Garlic is a strong ingredient and mostly it is incorporated in rich and flavorful meals , plus it has properties that can cause a heartburn and disturb the stomach , add to that the bad breath that may annoy your partner all these are reasons why you should avoid garlic before bed .

5- Pasta .

Pasta is all pure carbohydrates which will boost your energy level before bed and you are in no need for that its just like drinking an energy drink right before bed in addition to all the other ingredients like tomato sauces , cheeses and heavy creams all these ingredients make pasta high in calories and not easily digestible before sleep plus it is sure to cause acid reflux .

4- Cereal .

Cereals are packed with refined sugars that would boost your blood sugar and give you an energy rush which is not the best way to put your body to relax , cereals can also cause nightmares because of the milk that will be added and its sugar content .

3- Chocolate .

Chocolate is as we all know a source of caffeine which can help you stay awake not relax and fall into a peaceful sleep , plus it is rich with brain stimulants like theobromine this will also keep you awake and make your heart race , so you better avoid chocolates and specially dark chocolates .

2- Red Meat .

Red meats are rich with fats and proteins that will keep your body energetic for a long time , plus red meat take longer time that most foods to digest so you want to make sure to avoids it before going to bed so you don’t give your stomach too much work to do when it wants to relax .

1- Alcohol .

Alcohol does help you to get to sleep however it won’t help you to have a long comfortable sleep as it will cause you to keep waking up throughout the night and even the type of sleep you will get will be shallow and not deep , if you want a relaxing deep sleep avoid alcohol before bed .

Ten Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Before Going To Bed

Ten Foods You Shouldn't Eat Before Going To Bed

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