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Ten Beauty Habits To Do Every Night

Everyday your skin get exposed to many harsh elements like UV sun rays , chemicals , polluted air and seasonal conditions which could damage your skin and cause early aging signs to appear like wrinkles , fine lines or make your skin look dull and lifeless , you can prevent these signs from appearing by taking care of your skin during the night , your skin is capable of repairing itself during your sleep , with a little help from you , you can wake up every day with radiant , glowing and fresh skin , all you need to do is follow these Ten Beauty Habits To Do Every Night .

10- Remove Any Makeup .

No matter how much you are tired and want to run to bed , you must make some effort every night to take off your makeup , the thing is , when you are sleeping , your skin repair itself and the pores of your skin open up , but when there is makeup on it get blocked which results in acnes , spots and dry skin , so always take it as an essential daily beauty habit not to ever sleep with makeup on .

9- Use A Toner .

Every night before you sleep make it a habit to apply a toner to your face , a toner should help clean your face and increase pH levels that keep your face resistant to bacteria that can cause acne , choose a toner that is suitable for your skin type and wipe up your entire face and neck with it before sleeping , make sure to choose a toner that is not alcohol based.

8- Don’t Forget The Hand Cream .

To have smooth and soft hands in the morning you need to take good care of them during the night , wash your hands with warm water and mild soap , dry with a towel and then apply your usual hand cream , this will keep your hands glowing and looking healthy throughout the day , moisturizing your hands regularly will keep your skin elastic which prevent premature aging signs .

7- Apply Eye Cream .

The area around your eyes are very tender and they are the first to show aging signs , Therefore it is essential to take proper care of that area particularly , applying a light weight eye cream will help hydrate and moisturize the areas around your eyes . regular use of eye cream should also tighten the areas around your eyes which gives you a younger look .

6- Brush Your Teeth .

To keep your teeth glowing and free of any cavities , coloring and infections make sure to brush your teeth every night 30 minutes after you finish your dinner or before you get to bed to enjoy a beautiful morning smile and avoid morning bad breath .

5- Apply Feet Cream .

You shouldn’t ignore your feet in your nightly beauty regime , wash your feet with warm water , dry with a towel and apply feet cream to keep your feet healthy and prevent cracked heels problem .

4- Pin Up Your Hair .

Many women like to sleep with their hair open which get their hair tangled in the morning and they have to spend time detangling their hair and that could make you lose more hair than should be , you can prevent that by making sure to pin up your hair into a pun before you sleep to prevent any tangling .

3- Turn On a Humidifier .

A humidifier will help you avoid suffering from dry skin in the winter , dry air with low humidity levels exacerbate skin conditions like eczema specially with using indoor heating but with a humidifier all these problems can be easily remedied .

2- Use Silk Pillowcases Instead Of Cotton Ones .

Silk pillowcases will greatly help you taking care of your skin and hair during your sleep , silk contains proteins and amino acids that can keep your skin looking young and healthy , the soft feeling of silk pillowcases will prevent any wrinkles or lines on your face in the morning like those that cotton pillowcases cause , silk will also have a softer touch on your hair which causes less damage .

1- Get A Relaxing Sleep .

After a long day of working there is nothing better than having a comfortable sleep to refresh and energizer your body , sleeping for 8 hours a day is important to keep your skin looking young and healthy , it is during the sleep that your cells repair themselves , the quality of the sleep also have a huge impact on how you look throughout the next day so make sure to have a quality sleep .

Ten Beauty Habits To Do Every Night

Ten Beauty Habits To Do Every Night

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