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Ten Amazing Uses Of Baby Powder

If you think that baby powder is only for protecting baby skin and keeping it soft and fresh then you are limiting its powers and its many fantastic uses , discover ten of the amazing uses of baby powder other than keeping the skin soft below .

10- Sandy And Sweaty Feet .

If you are suffering from sweaty feet here is your solution , sprinkle some baby powder on your feet and in your shoes and forget the whole problem , the baby powder will keep your feet dry and odorless , baby powder will also come in handy for your feet if you are going to the beach and sand will come off of your feet much easier if you rub some baby powder on your feet .

9- Squeaky Floors .

If you just got a new hardwood floor and the squeaky sound is bothering you , try to sprinkle some baby powder and sweep it to the cracks , you will be surprised of the fantastic silence you will enjoy .

8- Dish Washing Glove .

After you finish washing the dishes , sprinkle some baby powder in your dish washing glove , the baby powder will keep it fresh and make them dry faster , plus you hand will be kept protected the next time you use your dish washing gloves .

7- Oily Stains .

Don’t worry about oily stains anymore , after you use your frying pan or prepare your salad dressing sprinkle some baby powder in your pan or oily bowl and leave it for ten minutes to absorbs the grease and then wash them , you will be surprised how easy it is to wash your oily bowl .

6- A Group Of Ants .

If you already have ants in your kitchen then sprinkle baby powder on the nests and in the corners , they don’t like the smell and that way you will block their way out of their nests but if you don’t have ants and want to protect your kitchen from ants , then every time you mop your kitchen sprinkle some baby powder in the corners .

5- Stuck Together Cards .

If you have playing cars or business cards that are stuck together , put them in a plastic bag with some baby powder , give it a good shake and then wipe the cards up .

4- Keep Your Bed Fresh And Cool In The Summer .

Getting to a hot and sticky bed in the hot nights is not an enjoyable way to have a goodnight sleep , sprinkle some baby powder on your sheet to keep your bed cool and fresh all night .

3- Oily Hair .

Sprinkle some baby powder on your hands and rub your scalp with right after you wash your hair , the baby powder will absorb any excess oil and keep your hair smelling fresh throughout the day .

2- Keep Drawers Fresh .

To keep your drawer fresh and clean , sprinkle some baby powder under its linings , the baby powder will also work as a dehumidifier and freshener .

1- Knotted Jewelry .

It takes time loosening our jewelry that get knotted due to the bad storing , with baby powder however it will take you way shorter time to loosen the knots in your necklace or bracelet .

Ten Amazing Uses Of Baby Powder