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Ten Amazing Reasons Why You Should Eat Orange Everyday

Orange is a popular citrus fruit that is loved by all people of all ages , Orange is available in almost all grocery markets all year round in all countries , also known as golden apples , orange is rich with many benefits that are great for both health and beauty aspects , if you want to know what will happen to your body if you eat at least an orange everyday then read on this article to discover the Ten Amazing Reasons Why You Should Eat Orange Everyday .

10- To Boost Your Immunity .

Orange is rich with vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that protect your cells from the damaging free radicals and reduce inflammation , a medium size orange is enough to provide your body with 72% of its daily need of vitamin C that play a crucial role in strengthening your immune system and protecting you from seasonal cold and other infections .

9- To Prevent Skin Aging Signs .

Orange is widely used as a key ingredient in beauty products including face packs, masks and creams , that is because vitamin C that present in orange eliminate free radicals that have a damaging effect on your body cells including skin , plus vitamin C is essentially needed for the production of collagen that keep the skin elastic and healthy .

8- To Protect Your Vision .

Orange is also rich in vitamin A that keep your vision healthy by maintaining healthy mucus membranes as well as protecting your eyes against age related macular degeneration which is a vision related issue that may lead to blindness , Vitamin A in orange will also help your eyes absorb more light which enhance your vision quality .

7- To Enhance Your Brain Development .

Vitamin B9 or folic acid that present in orange play a vital role in protecting the whole nerve system and promote the renewal of brain cells , Orange is important for pregnant women or women who are planning to get pregnant because the folic acid in orange is important to protect the unborn baby from having neurological disorders .

6- To Prevent Cancer .

Orange has a compound known as D – limonene which has been proven to protect against various types of cancer such as , skin cancer , lung cancer , breast cancer and colon cancer , Additionally its powerful antioxidants and vitamin C content boost the immune system which help fighting cancer cells .

5- To Prevent Constipation .

Orange is a very fibrous fruit and it is rich with water which help protecting you from constipation , vitamin C that present in orange has been shown to be an effective laxative .

4- To Prevent Hair Loss .

Oranges with its high content of vitamin C, A and beta carotene improve the growth and health of your hair by increasing the production of collagen that is essential to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth .

3- To Improve Your Sperm Quality .

The vitamin C and powerful antioxidants that present in orange are great to improve the motility and quality of your sperm , adding to the the folic acid content in oranges that protect your sperm from genetic damages that can cause birth defects .

2- Good For Diabetics .

Oranges are rich with fibers which keep a track of sugar level in the body and stabilize insulin production , in addition to its sweet taste that would be a lovely healthy treat for diabetic people that don’t boost blood sugar levels .

1- To Prevent Heart Diseases .

Orange with its powerful antioxidants has the ability to lower cholesterol levels reducing your risks of heart attacks , coronary artery disease and even strokes , plus orange contain flavonoids that also work on lowering harmful cholesterol and protecting your arteries from getting blocked.

Ten Amazing Reasons Why You Should Eat Orange Everyday

Ten Amazing Reasons Why You Should Eat Orange Everyday

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