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Ten Amazing Makeup Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Putting on your makeup everyday in the most professional way can be a bit complicated and becomes boring after time due to the long time it consume to perfect your makeup , However with the following ten amazing makeup tips you will spend lesser time and have a better result , learn about the secrets of makeup that will make your life much easier .

10- Use a Spoon While Applying Your Mascara .

To avoid smudging your eyelids with mascara use a spoon to cover your eyelid , it will take you shorter time because you will be less concerned about making any mistakes , you can also use a price of a business card to protect your eyelids .

9- Put On Your Lipstick With A Concealer Brush .

Use a concealer brush to apply your lipsticks instead of applying it the regular way by your lipstick itself , the concealer brush will help you to outline your lips in a much more accurate way , to keep your lipstick lasting for a longer time , put a thin layer of a translucent powder .

8- Hairspray For Your Bobby Pins .

Bobby pins often slide from your hair which eventually mess your your hairstyle , to keep them sticking for longer in your hair , spray your usual hairspray right on top of them after you place them in your hair .

7- Treat Your Eyebrows With Lip Balm .

This might sound kind of bizarre at the first moment but it works , apply some of your lip balm with your fingertip and then brush your eyebrows with a spooly or baby brush , you can even use a tooth brush to brush your eyebrows , they will always look neat and beautiful .

6- Have Amazing Eyelashes In Three Steps .

There are many ways to have gorgeously amazing eyelashes but this is the best of them , you will need to follow three steps in the right order , first brush your eyelashes, second curl your eyelashes in the roots first and then in the middle , the final step is to apply the mascara to the tips of your eyelashes let it dry then apply it to the full length of your eyelashes and enjoy your gorgeous eyelashes .

5- Flicky Eyeliner Tip .

It is not often quit easy to get this fantastic look , but there is an easy trick to achieve this lovely look in a simple way , instead of drawing the flick from the end of your upper eyelid , draw it from under your eye .

4- Make Your Own Hair Conditioner .

If your hair dryer up and often get tangled during the day , then get a small spray bottle , mix one part of your usual leave-in conditioner with three parts water , keep they spray bottle with , spray on your hair with the conditioner every now and then to keep your hair looking fresh during the day .

3- Use A White Base Eye Shadow .

To make your eyes stand out and your eye shadow look much brighter and remain for longer , use a white base eye shadow before you apply the colors of eye shadow you want over it .

2- Make Your Gel Eyeliner Yourself .

Instead of lining your eyes with your regular eyeliner pencil , you will need to expose your eyeliner pencil to a flame for a few seconds before applying it to your eyes , this will make the eyeliner softer and looking more fantastic and thicker .

1- Line Your Lips More Professional .

To professionally line up your lips , draw a X on the middle of your upper lip , it will be much easier to complete the lining and glossing your lips .

Ten Amazing Makeup Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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