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Three Techniques To Lower Blood Pressure Without Dietary Changes Or Drugs

If you have been watching your diet and exercising regularly but you are still unable to get your blood pressure down, good news, recent researches found new techniques that can help you get down those stubborn numbers and may even be able to give up medications.

In a new statement from the American Heart Association, researchers reviewed the data of over 1000 studies regarding blood pressure therapies that didn’t involve any dietary changes or consumption of drugs, some liflifestyle changing techniques like exercising daily and having a low-sodium diet may be hard for some to follow, according to the study, the following three techniques can help with lowering BP numbers naturally.

1- Isometric Handgrip Exercise.

In other words squeezing and releasing the muscles of your hands like when you squeeze a stress ball was proven to improve the ability for the blood vessels to relax and in turn reduce the pressure the heart does to push blood through them, try to follow this simple exercise in both of your hands for three minutes at a time where you contract the muscles of your hands in a short and quick bursts then follow up with fifteen minutes break before trying again.

2- Slow, Deep Breathing.

In another study, participants followed three to four 15 minutes session of slow deep breathing with a machine called ‘Resperate’ which uses a sensor to track the pattern of your breathing and guide you to breath slower if needed, the results, the slow inhales and exhales successfully affected the central nervous system positively and managed to relax blood vessels allowing a smoother blood flow,

researchers didn’t really inform us whether or not breathing deeply and slowly on your own can help with reducing blood pressure readings or not, but still it cant hurt, try it on your own while relaxing and check out your numbers afterwards.

3- Meditation.

The mechanism in which meditation can help reducing blood pressure is not exactly clear to researchers yet, however it is assumed that meditation helps in maintaining a balance in your autonomic system by reducing stress which in return keep blood pressure at normal levels, transcendental meditation where you repeat a sound with your eyes closed was shown to be particularly effective in reducing blood pressure.

 Techniques To Lower Blood Pressure Without Dietary Changes Or Drugs

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