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    Face Washing

    Face Washing, What to Do and What to Avoid

    Washing your face is the first thing that you do when you wake up everyday, but have you asked yourself if you are doing it in the right way?! Yes, washing your face may sound so simple, but you need to avoid some stuff and follow others to keep your face shiny and bright. The first thing you need to do is determining your skin’s type whether oily or dry, this step will help you to choose the appropriate cleanser…

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  • Food
    Facial Washing Errors

    Top 3 Facial Washing Errors

    We rely on washing our face to clean it from dirt, dust and other particles. In fact, washing the face is the most important step in any skin care regimen, and many people consider it the most basic part of the beauty routine, but unfortunately most of us do not do it properly. Washing face in the wrong way contributes to a lot of skin problems, so try to avoid these mistakes while washing your face. 1. washing your face…

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  • Men's Magazine
    Important Tips For Washing Jeans.

    Important Tips For Washing Jeans

    Jeans is one of the most popular materials around the world, it is very rare to find a cloth wardrobe that doesn’t contain at least two or three items made of jeans, but despite that fact the correct way to clean jeans and keep it looking as new is not known by many people and unfortunately most people around the world clean jeans in a wrong way which may cause the Jens to lose color or look washed away, so…

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    Washing Food

    5 Shocking Facts You Must Know About Washing Food

    Contamination is a major violator of food safety that can make you extremely sick. Eliminating factors of contamination relies not only on how well you wash your food, but also on how you wash it. You might think you know everything about rinsing contaminants off your food, but wait till you read this to judge your knowledge. 5. Soap Shouldn’t Be Used Getting rid of as much microbes as possible can be done by rinsing fruits and vegetables thoroughly under…

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