vitamin b12

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    Here's Why Vitamin B12 Is Important For The Body.

    Here’s Why Vitamin B12 Is Important For The Body

    Most of adults and kids are diagnosed with some vitamin deficiency, however statics showed that the vitamins the tops the list with deficient patients with vitaminB12, vitamin B12 is found naturally only in animal meat and products so strict vegetarian and vegans are the highest at risk of being deficient in the vitamin. Deficiency in vitamin B12 can cause mental fogginess, mood swings, lack of motivation, difficulties memorizing things, content fatigue and muscle weakness. But even though those symptoms can…

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    Vitamin B12 and The Richest Foods With It

    The Importance Of Vitamin B12 and The Richest Foods With It

    Vitamin B12 is very essential for your health, it is a water soluble vitamin that is responsible to maintain the health of your nerve system, brain and the creation of your red blood cells, deficiency of vitamin B12 on the long term can cause nerves damage and can even lead to paralysis, even a mild deficiency if vitamin B12 can result in low brain function, low energy levels and red blood cells that are unable to carry oxygen to the…

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