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Types Of Diseases Caused By Obesity

5 Types Of Diseases Caused By Obesity

Being obese is a dangerous thing. It just shows ignorance and lack of care about a person’s choice of food and amount exercise. Obesity is a clinical condition and is considered by many a public health problem. If you are overweight, the probabilities of developing heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure increase significantly. Here are the top 6 obesity-related diseases. 1/ Obesity and Diabetes… Diabetes is having high levels of sugar in blood, either because the body does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is received. obesity leads to a larger waistline which is the main contributor to this disease. 2/ Heart Disease… Obesity is a major risk element in developing …

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Types of Fish You Should Avoid at All Costs

7 Types of Fish You Should Avoid at All Costs

Many people now have chosen to apply the reasonable choice of substituting regular protein sources in their diets with fish. It makes sense seeing as fish is relatively cheap, easy and quick to cook, rich in many nutrients beside protein, and low-fat. However, I don’t think you should go all out in your “substituting veal with eel plan”. There are some types of fish many studies suggest you should never eat, such as: 1- Imported Shrimp: Eating it is just like eating of the trashcan. It is the dirtiest fish contaminated with substances like residues of chemical used to clean pens, antibiotics, vermin hair, insects remains, E. coli. Almost all of the shrimp you eat is imported and it rarely …

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Environment plays a role in eczema; children more likely develop eczema when they live in areas with higher levels of pollution or in colder climates. Many children with eczema have also food allergies, but it does not mean that allergy- triggers foods such as eggs and dairy make it worse. Before you remove certain foods from your kid’s diet, you need to talk to the doctor to ensure that your kid’s nutritional needs are met. Eczema most common triggers are substances that cause irritation to the skin, for example woolen or man- made fibers, certain kinds of perfumes, cleansers and soaps, makeup, sand and dust, cigarette smoke, solvents and chlorine. Environments and actions causing the skin to become sensitive or …

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Types of Pain that Require Immediate Medical Attention

7 Types of Pain that Require Immediate Medical Attention

Naturally, we all experience different types of pain. Although some of them wouldn’t necessarily need medical attention, some types of pain can’t be overlooked and require immediate medical attention. Here are some examples: 6. Sudden Sharp Pain between Shoulder Blades : If you experience this kind of pain followed by shortness of breath, jaw pain and nausea, this could be a condition of arthritis or a heart attack. You should then call an ambulance straight away. 5. Back Pain and Numbness in Toes : When back pain is accompanied with numbness of toes, it’s usually a complication of lifting heavy objects. If warm pads do not relieve the pain, you have to visit a doctor in case it’s a slipped …

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Types of Coughs and What They Indicate

7 Common Types of Coughs and What They Indicate

Coughing is a body’s natural reaction to foreign objects and to get rid of mucus out of the respiratory tract. On its own, coughing is not a disease. A cough is a symptom to many different causes such as cold and allergies. Sometimes it’s not that hard figuring out the cause of the cough. Depending on its sound or accompanying symptoms, you can figure out what you’re suffering from. 7. Asthma : Asthma is a condition in which your airways become inflamed. If you suffer from asthma, along with dry coughs and wheezing noises, your chest tightens and you undergo difficulty breathing and fatigues. 6. Postnasal Drip : Coughing out of a postnasal drip is due to mucus, secreted as …

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Different types of Interior Design Style

In order to start any design project we have to take into consideration the planning process that takes place before the selection of furnishing. For planning, each designer should put into consideration the function of the space, life styles of design, occupants, architectural characteristics, color preference, lighting, the materials used for both outside and inside designing and the most important parameter is budget. In order to start down a correct planning process, the designer has to put and define his questions. One of the most important factors in designing is observing the historical development in architecture. Designers must think outside the frame or outside the borders as to break a rule you must know the rule. Learning and absorbing the …

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