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    Tips To Flatten Your Tummy After Having A C-section

    Six Tips To Flatten Your Tummy After Having A C-section

    Giving birth is a huge transition in woman’s life and while holding the new born baby in your hands can make you forget any pain or difficulty, the extra weight you put on during pregnancy or worse the pouch you get if you delivered with a C-section will affect your self-esteem and get you frustrated. It is not easy to get along with the post Cesarean flabby and sagging pouch, most women try to just accept the situation as it is because they don’t believe that it is possible to get their old flat tummies back after Cesarean section, but it is more than possible in fact it is even easy to flatten your tummy again after having a C-section…

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    foods that will a kill fat around the tummy

    3 foods that will a kill fat around the tummy!

    Flat abs workouts, such as crunches, are great for building and toning your bell muscles, but they do little to burn the fat off. If you want to obtain a flat stomach, you will want to apply a low calorie, healthy, diet and get lots of cardiovascular workouts, in order to burn off more calories than you eat. There some foods that are better than the others for a nice flat stomach and some are indeed positively perfect for that. 1. Apples Green or red, apples are a perfect food to eat when you are considering a good method to lose excess weight since they are rich with fiber and they make you feel full quickly. The very action of…

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