• Hair
    Photo of Onion masks for hair

    Onion masks for hair

    Hair loss problem is very common among women everywhere. But, by applying onion mask for hair you will find amazing results for this treatment of the problem of hair loss and lack of hair growth. Try this recipe and you will be surprised by the changes that you will see on your hair. *How it works? Onion is not only a natural substance which is useful and inexpensive, but also it will protect you from chemicals that would harm your…

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  • Health
    Photo of Diseases That Can Be Treated With Onion

    Diseases That Can Be Treated With Onion

    Onion has many health benefits and can be used to reduce the severness of many chronic diseases and even completely treat other diseases, here is a list of the diseases or disorders that can be treated with onion and the way to use onion. 1- resperatory System Infections. You can treat ubber and lower resperatory system infections by heating up some diced onions and tighing it in a peice of cloth, place the clot on your chest and your back…

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