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    How To Keep Your Nail Polish For Longer

    How To Keep Your Nail Polish For Longer?

    Do you often find your nail polish chipping after a few hours and suddenly your fingers turn from her sophisticated to mess up? The quality of the nail polish itself is not the problem, the problem is your way of applying the nail polish, correct application will prevent chipping and will make your nails look beautiful all day. Here are some tips to prevent your nail polish from chipping. 1- Fill In The Right Way. To start it is important…

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  • Health
    attention to your nail health

    Do you pay enough attention to your nail health?

    This is a very good question and if you do not you better start. Normal nails should be light pink, intact, and semi transparent; if you notice some white dots or lines, it could be an infection by fungus or bacteria; it is advisable to keep your nails dry and clean to protect them. Furthermore, any illness in your body can cause changes in your nail appearance; that is why watching out for these changes is important. The whole nails…

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