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    10 tips Wearing make up with glasses

    Now with 10 tips: Wearing make up with glasses that turns heads

    We always thought that wearing glasses hides the eyes and makes it impossible to wear make up beautifully. This idea is now outdated as it has been proven over and over that glasses can accentuate your look but how to wear make up that would suit your look correctly? 1. Thick lashes Thick lashes will make your eyes look bigger and better! Apply a double layer of waterproof mascara, this will make your lashes thick and prevent your lenses from getting smudgy. 2. Volume only Super-curling your lashes will make them hit the lenses so frequently, it becomes annoying. Use a volumizing mascara to get them thick because neither curly nor long will do you any good in this case.…

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    Warning Symptoms of Needing Reading Glasses

    5 Warning Symptoms of Needing Reading Glasses

    Just because you can see fine while you read and the words aren’t blurry, it does not mean that you don’t need reading glasses. Here are symptoms that can tell you need to wear reading glasses. 1. Headaches Normally, if you strain your eyes while working for too long, you might get a headache, which is why you should take frequent breaks. If that headache hurts near your eyes, then you might be hyperopic or astigmatic. Wearing reading glasses might help you in either cases. 2. It’s never bright enough If the lamp beside your bed isn’t giving you enough light to read and you have to keep switching on and brightening your lights, then you might be needing reading…

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