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    Photo of Top 3 Facial Washing Errors

    Top 3 Facial Washing Errors

    We rely on washing our face to clean it from dirt, dust and other particles. In fact, washing the face is the most important step in any skin care regimen, and many people consider it the most basic part of the beauty routine, but unfortunately most of us do not do it properly. Washing face in the wrong way contributes to a lot of skin problems, so try to avoid these mistakes while washing your face. 1. washing your face…

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    Photo of How To Make Vitamin C Facial Serum At Home

    How To Make Vitamin C Facial Serum At Home

    Vitamin C that we all make sure to include in our diet to boost our immunity is not only great for our internal health, but has the potential to do miracles for the way we look as well, vitamin C is an essential Anti-Aging agent, it prevent wrinkles and keeps the skin elastic and filled, vitamin C is included in most of the beauty products that are particularly sold to brighten, tighten and tone the skin, however most of these…

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