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5 Amazing Benefits for Tea You Have Never Heard about before

5 Amazing Benefits for Tea You Have Never Heard about before

Nowadays, The world now is raving about how healthy tea is and how amazing are its benefits and how wondrous are the antioxidants it contains…..etc. we all know how refreshing and thirst quenching tea is. How it is good for cleaning teeth and fighting cavities. How great are its antioxidants at fighting several diseases. However, we will not discuss the benefits of tea for your body here since you already know all about them by now. We will talk about some of the amazing benefits of tea other than the ones you get by drinking. 1- You can make your very own hair wash from any type of tea you have at home. It will clean your hair thoroughly and …

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Weight loss Benefits of kuromame Tea

These Miraculous Weight loss Benefits of kuromame Tea Will Make You Drink It All The Time

Being overweight is a problem the majority of the population of the earth is suffering from. Many trends, diets, gadgets and machines were thought of for this problem. One of the latest, yet greatly successful ideas for losing weight is drinking kuromame tea. Kuromame is what the Japanese call black soybean. In this article you will learn all about the miraculous weight loss benefits for this great drink, such as: 1- It has anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant found in very few foods, and one of them is black soy bean. This antioxidant has many benefits such as boosting immunity, fighting and preventing cancer, and in this respect, reducing fat. It has the same effect as the manufactured medicines …

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Health Benefits Of Cashews

6 Health Benefits Of Cashews

Cashews or sometimes known as kidney nuts are very available around the world, they fall under the category of dried fruits, it goes in the cooking of several with Asian dishes, people also like to eat them roasted in salt or even raw, you will be surprised that these small nuts contain super health benefits, here are some health benefits of cashews. 1- They prevent Cancer. Cashews contain a substance called proanthocyanidins which are a powerful flavonols that inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent them from spreading in the body; they also have high copper content which is especially good in preventing colon cancer. 2- They Make Your Bones Healthy. Cashews are rich in magnesium which plays a …

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Health Benefits Of Castor Oil

Five Amazing Health Benefits Of Castor Oil

Castor Oil is made by crushing castor seeds, and even though the seeds are native to Africa and north America, the oil has been used worldwide for centuries for several beauty and medical purposes. Castor Oil is known for its many beauty enhancing purposes, it also has some medical uses that you can get to learn about below. 1- Castor Oil Has Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Properties The antimicrobial properties in castor oil makes it especially effective in treating worms and other parasite infections in your stomach, one spoon of castor oil a day for a week will ensures that your system is clean and worms are killed and expelled out of your body, the antibacterial properties also makes it like …

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Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

Incredible Health Benefits Of Olive Oil You Didn’t Know About

Olive oil is considered one of the most used oils in the international cuisines, it is extracted from the olives which is responsible to maintain all the properties and nutrients known for olive oil. olive oil is an important source of non-monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C and other antioxidants that offer incredible health benefits. Find out more with us in this article. 1- It Is Heart Healthy. Studies proved that consuming two tablespoons of olive oil only a day have the ability to lower the levels of bad cholesterol LDL and boost the levels of good cholesterol LDL as well as regulating blood pressure and protecting the arteries due to its content of monounsturated fatty acids. 2- Protects …

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Health Benefits Of Brown Sugar

Health Benefits Of Brown Sugar

Brown sugar or also know as cane sugar has a distinct brown color and a slight different taste in comparison to white sugar, you can make it yourself by mixing some molasses with white sugar, or you can buy brown sugar hat is not completely refined and bleached. A lot of people prefer brown sugar because of its taste and some think it is a healthier alternative to regular white sugar, while brown sugar has the same amount of calories as white sugar, it does packs some health benefits that white sugar lacks, the following is a list of the health benefits of brown sugar. 1- It Has Important Minerals For The Body. The minerals found in brown sugar are …

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benefits to using Salicylic Acid

10 Amazing benefits to using Salicylic Acid in your day-to-day life

After reading this, you will find using Salicylic Acid in your daily routine more vital to your beauty. Salicylic Acid is one of the most popular ingredients of the beauty products all over the world, but why? 1. The ultimate cleaner Salicylic Acid is very effective in cleaning the pores from all clogging residue. Not only will it rid you from the residue that may form white and black heads, it will also rid you of large pores and tighten your skin. 2. Anti-inflammatory. Like Aspirin, it has the magical power of reducing inflammation. Thus,when applied to pimples it will soothe them, reduce the swelling and speed up their healing. When treating a pimple, you are in deep need of …

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Health Benefits of Orange

Amazing Health Benefits of Orange

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of that round fruit called orange? Have you ever thought that it may contain a lot of health shields against many diseases? I think after reading this article you will call it the fruit of wonders. Let’s start by talking about the most famous component of orange and for sure I mean vitamin C. Orange is an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin C is considered as a great antioxidant that protects our bodies against the damages caused by the free radicals in our bodies. Vitamin C also plays a great role in supporting your immune system, protecting your skin from damages and preventing hair loss. Since it’s apart of forming collagen, …

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imagine sex had all these benefits

You will not imagine sex had all these benefits

Most of the people do not know that having sex is very important and useful. Studies proved that sexual intercourse is very useful for our health and bodies in general. Here we tackle these benefits of having sex. – It helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that having sex regularly lowers blood pressure and relieves stress. Also, hugging after having sex lowers blood pressure and leads to relaxation. – Good sexual health leads to good physical health. It is proved that having sex once or twice a week is linked with higher levels of antibodies which protect the body from colds and various infections. – Having sex for half an hour helps to burn about 85 calories. …

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benefits of salt for hair

What are the benefits of salt for hair?

You often hear about tips and guidelines that warn of the frequent use of salt in food and dishes. But, that is never applied to the hair, as salt has many beauty benefits, especially for the hair. Read about the great benefits of salt for the hair in the article. 1) Anti-dandruff: Salt helps to reduce and remove dandruff from the scalp and stimulates circulation in the scalp. Elements found in salt absorb the moisture and the excess oils, and thus prevents dandruff. 2) Protects the hair from fungus: Salt has an effective role in preventing fungal growth due to its significant ability to absorb moisture that makes the incubator environment for fungi. 3) Softens the hair: Salt is as …

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benefits of walking for 30 minutes a day

The benefits of walking for 30 minutes a day

Getting used to walk everyday for 30 minutes is an opportunity to maintain good health away from doctor visits. Many researches have highlighted the benefits of walking for 30 minutes a day as this habit will help you lose weight and get rid of stress. Also, it helps to lower blood pressure and to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. We will tackle in the following lines the most important benefits of walking for 30 minutes. * Improving your mood: walking will improve your mood indirectly as a result of improving your body image or your body shape. One the benefits of walking for 30 minutes is that it eliminate the excess fat in the body. Regular walking can …

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benefits of eating garlic on an empty stomach

The benefits of eating garlic on an empty stomach

Did you try honey with lemon and green tea on an empty stomach? Well, I bet you did!! But have you ever thought of trying raw garlic on an empty stomach? Do you know that raw garlic has medicinal properties which are very beneficial to your health if eaten daily on an empty stomach? The following are the most important benefits of raw garlic. *Garlic purifies the stomach: Garlic has the ability to purify the body in general and especially the stomach as it cleans the stomach from pollutants and harmful bacteria, especially if consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. *Garlic cures neurological disorders: Some scientific reports confirm that regular consumption of garlic helps in the healing of …

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benefits of green tea for weight loss

Learn about the benefits of green tea for weight loss

If you want to lose a few pounds of your weight, you should think about adding green tea to you diet system. Green tea contains only two calories for each cup. Therefore, it will help you to lose weight or at least it will help to keep your weight without increase. Find out with us the benefits of green tea for diet and health in general in this article. – Green tea helps in getting flat tummy. It contains a lot of “catechins” which is considered an antioxidant and helps to regulate weight and in reaching an optimal distribution of body fat, particularly in the abdominal area. The regular consumption of green tea can reduce the abdominal area in the …

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Medical benefits of onions

7 Great Medical benefits of onions

There are many health benefits that onions provide. We shouldn’t eat lots of onions to get these benefits. Only a small amount of onions will be enough for getting these great health benefits which are mentioned here in detail. 1. Fighting cancer: The onion extract is rich in a variety of sulfides, which provides some protection against tumor growth. Some studies have shown that regular consumption of onions helps in the reduction of several types of cancers like colon, skin, throat, stomach, esophageal and ovarian cancers. 2. Preventing heart diseases: Regular consumption of onion helps to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. This is due to sulfur compounds, chromium and vitamin B6 in the onions. Therefore, it helps …

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benefits of apple peels

Do you know the benefits of apple peels?

There are a lot of benefits for apples as they are full of nutrients which are useful for our health. But, many people do not know that apple peel is also nutritious and full of health benefits. Also, apple peel is considered one of the boosters of hair, body and skincare. Here are the most important benefits of apple peel. (1) Benefits of apple peel for hair:- – Promotes hair growth: apple peel contains biotin, which promotes healthy hair growth and helps to maintain thick and strong hair. – Prevents hair loss: Eating apples with their peels regularly everyday helps to increase blood circulation in the scalp. Thus, it prevents hair loss and stimulates its growth as well as helping …

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benefits of chamomile oil for hair

The top 6 benefits of chamomile oil for hair

Chamomile tea is considered one of the best herbal remedies for many health problems like intestines and stomach disorders. On the other hand, chamomile oil is very useful and has many benefits for health and beauty. Here are the benefits of chamomile oil for hair. 1. Getting rid of dandruff: It is known that chamomile oil works as a soother for the nerves, and thus has the same effect on the scalp. In fact, it is one of the most soothing oils for the scalp that helps to get rid of dandruff. 2. Promoting hair growth: Chamomile oil helps to prevent infections in the scalp and promote hair growth. It increases the proportion of collagen in the hair which is …

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health benefits of spinach

Amazing health benefits of spinach

Spinach is one of the green healthy foods which are characterized by several therapeutic benefits. The most prominent feature of spinach is that it contains iron, but few know that spinach leaves contains antioxidants and that it contains Glycerol fat which prevents the growth of cancer cells. Here you will discover more about this great green vegetable. – Spinach maintains the health of the heart and blood vessels. Also, it protects the arteries due to its high content of vitamin C and beta – carotene which acts as antioxidants. – It strengthens the immune system because it contains a large proportion of vitamin A, which contributes to building the white blood cells that fight diseases. – It’s very useful to …

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Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Wonderful Health Benefits Of Chocolate You Didn’t Know About

Chocolate is considered one of the oldest foods in the world and it is also one of the most enjoyable treats worldwide , chocolate is one of the richest ingredients you can find with antioxidants that are essential to protect the body against a wide range of diseases and illnesses, but that is not it, chocolate also carry many surprising and unexpected health benefits that make you love to eat it even more. 1- Lowers High Blood Pressure. Dark chocolate contain compounds called flavonoids that work as an alarming gent for the arteries and the lining of the arteries to improve the blood flow and relax them hence it effectively helps in lowering high blood pressure. 2- Activates the Brain. …

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benefits of drinking hot water

5 Amazing benefits of drinking hot water

There is no doubt that everyone understands the importance of drinking water to stay alive. Also, you must have heard of the many benefits of water. But, did you know that drinking warm water or hot water particularly has so many great benefits? in this article, you will read about some of these benefits – Helps you to lose weight: Of course drinking water in general helps in the process of losing weight. But, drinking hot water, especially in the morning, stimulates metabolism and the burning of fat in the body and accelerate it, which makes you lose weight sooner than usual. – Relieves congestion of your nose and relieves sore throat: Drinking hot water is an effective medicine for …

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Health Benefits of Watermelon

5 Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits in summer. It’s not only a delicious fruit, but it also has many great benefits for our health and beauty. Here you will read in details about the amazing benefits of this great fruit. 1. It keeps the body hydrated In the summer, the body temperature is raised and it loses a lot of water in sweating. Eating watermelon keeps the body moisturized as 92% of its weight consists of water. Therefore, it helps to compensate the body for the water it has lost during sweating. 2. It maintains kidney’s health Because it contains a lot of water and minerals, watermelon helps to clean the kidneys by causing frequent urination. Also, it …

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