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5 Symptoms That Will Tell You That You Have a Shortage in Iron

It is a well known fact that our bodies need certain quantities of minerals and vitamins to be able to function effectively. One of such minerals – or more likely the most important of which – is iron. When iron levels in our bodies get low, a range of problems can happen as a result. And you already know that anemia is one of them. But how exactly do we tell that we’re not having enough iron?

1- Skin is getting rather pale. If you are often told that you are looking pale lately, or you don’t like how it looks and think that it looks yellowish when you check yourself in the mirror, then it is probably a symptom you have a shortage in iron.

2- Do you crave weird things like chalk, dirt, or paper of late? It is a condition called Pica, and it happens when certain nutrients and minerals in our bodies –such as iron – are lesser than they need to be.

3- Anxiety can be a sign of many things, but I bet you didn’t know it can be a sign of iron deficiency. This “fake anxiety happens because your body is prompting you to have more oxygen to be able to function right. And shortage in oxygen happens because you don’t have enough iron to make the blood cells that carry oxygen.

4- severely low levels of iron can cause thinning hair. It is natural to lose hair in a daily basis. However, if you notice more hair filling your combs and brushes when you use them, load up with molasses and dark leafy greens.

5- Shortage in iron can cause exhaustion and fatigue. What our bodies need before anything else is oxygen. And when oxygen cannot be transferred to our bodies because the blood cells that carry it are fewer than normal or just flawed, our organs cannot function effectively, thus exhaustion happens.

Liver meat, molasses, dark leafy greens and many other things have iron. Eat enough of them (not too much!).

Symptoms That Will Tell You That You Have a Shortage in Iron

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