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8 Symptoms That Will Tell You That You Have Sensitive Skin

Oily skin is called oily because it looks and feels a little greasy most of the time. Dry skin is called so because it is so dry you might find it itchy and scaly sometimes. Sensitive skin is……what? How do you know that you have sensitive skin? And what do people with sensitive skin face because of their condition?

1- You hate buying cosmetics because whenever you try to test a new product your skin starts to act up. So instead of wondering whether a certain eyeshadow will look good on your face, you just hope that it doesn’t make it swell.

2- You avoid perfumes and colognes because they make your skin puffy and swollen. And a small detour in the perfume section in the supermarket makes your face look as if you have just went through hell.

3- Accessories give you rashes you treat for weeks. Therefore, you only buy real golden accessories if you can afford them.

4- While wool makes anyone warm in winter, it just gives you rashes instead of warmth.

5- You have learned to wax your eyebrows and upper lip hair at home because you are tired of people staring at your face after you have it waxed at a beauty parlor.

6- Using Self tanning lotions is a no-no. Staying out in the sun for too long is another no-no. Not lathering sunscreen on your face as if you were greasing a cake pan is another big no-no.

7- Washing your clothes with something other than non-hypoallergenic detergents can give you a hell of an itch while wearing them.

8- You might have already started putting a list of what do all the products that make you itch have in common.

9- Having picnics is not easy for you. Picnics are usually in places with a lot of…nature. Having a picnic on grass, playing with others on grass or around flora in general doesn’t end well for you.

Symptoms That Will Tell You That You Have Sensitive Skin

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