Seven Symptoms You May Have Right Now That You Should Pay Attention To

What some of the constant symptoms you may be experiencing right now like headaches, gum diseases, joints pain, sleep disorders may all have in common? They all are caused by inflammation, and not acute inflammation that is a normal respond of your body towards cuts and bruises for example, the cause for the above conditions is chronic inflammation, that when it happens, your immune system start fighting against its own cells, which lead to several health conditions on different parts of your body. Read the following symptoms, if you are experiencing any of them then that can be a strong indicator that your body is chronically inflamed, and that means you should start to reduce the inflammation levels from inside out immediately before it increase.

The best way to reduce inflammation Naturally is by consuming a healthy diet that consist of proteins, healthy fats and low carbohydrates.

1- Watch Carefully Headaches And Migraines.

If you constantly having painful headaches or headaches that keep going and coming frequently then inflammation can be the cause for that, you want to start eating more foods with protein like grass-fed beef, eggs and poultry , also make sure you are consuming more foods with high fiber content and magnesium, as magnesium is an essential mineral that if deficient may cause headaches.

2- Dental Health.

If you are always watching for bad breath of experiencing gun Infections frequently then inflammation could be the cause, gingivitis, inflamed gums, bad breath and other dental conditions start first as Infections caused by bacteria then it evolve to become inflammation, these conditions are not only a source of social embarrassment but also can be a root cause for other body systemic problems.

3- Gut Diseases Like Indigestion, Leaky Guts and IBS.

Gut diseases are probably the most common symptoms of inflammations at all, most Gut diseases are caused by high preservatives in the foods and Gut bacterial imbalance. The best way to alleviate Gut diseases Naturally is by consuming more bone broth foods, they help strengthening the lining of your guts Preventing toxins from leaking into your bloodstream, also probiotics and enzymes can provide a useful help.

4- Mood Swings And Depression.

Although this might surprise you but most cases of mood swings, anxiety and depression could be caused by inflammation, studies proved that the proteins or cytokines released by the inflamed cells are the reason for depression like behaviour and feelings.
You can alleviate these symptoms Naturally by eating more foods with omega-3 and vitamin B12 also consider taking supplements or teas of adaptogene herbs like ashwagandha.

5- Sleep Disorders.

Another symptom to watch out for that could be caused by inflammation is insomnia and lake of sleep which is linked medically to high inflammation levels.

6- Arthritis And Sore Joints.

Arthritis and sore joints are also attributed to inflammations in the joints, you can alleviate and reduce the inflammation levels by consuming supplements of proteolytic enzyme supplements and eating more foods with omega-3 Fatty Acids as well as potassium and sodium but be aware of the side effects of sodium of you suffer from hypertension.

7- Fatigue.

Inflammation can affect all the body systems, fatigue can be caused by inflammations in different parts of the body like the liver and the digestive system.

Symptoms  Right Now Pay Attention

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