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Symptoms of Stroke in Women

Strokes seem to hit a higher number of women than men. Knowledge about strokes should not be taken lightly because they can lead to paralysis and in severe cases to death. Recognizing the symptoms of a stroke as soon as possible is essential in order to get the proper treatment that prevents the adverse side effects of a stroke.Symptoms Common in Both Women and Men. A sudden appearance of one of these five symptoms may indicate having a stroke:

1. Unbearable headache with no known reason

2. Vision problem in either eyes or both of them

3. Numbness on a side of the body, face or a limb

4. Lack of balance during walking or vertigo

5. Trouble in speaking or comprehending speech

Symptoms Associated with Strokes in Women. Some stroke symptoms seen in women are not seen in men. Paramedics need to be called immediately for them. When experiencing a sudden symptom like sudden chest pain, hiccups, palpitations, nausea, face and limb pain, shortness of breath or just a sudden feeling of general weakness, it is time to make an emergency call.

Altered Mental Status Symptoms. Altered mental status symptoms are from the most common unusual symptoms for a stroke in both men and women, but are more common in women. These symptoms include a sudden drowsiness, hallucination, lack or response, sudden behavioral change, confusion and disorientation.

Significance of Recognizing Symptoms. Women seem to be more aware of experiencing the symptoms of a stroke than men do. However, a call for action is usually low in both genders. Bystanders watching someone experiencing symptoms of a stroke, like repeatedly dropping keys, should call emergency immediately. Such knowledge and acting on it can literally save lives, so share this information with everyone and study it well.

Symptoms of Stroke in Women

Symptoms of Stroke in Women

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