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Symptoms Of Losing Teeth Enamel

The tooth enamel is the thin layer coating each if your teeth when your enamel start to wear down, pain and discomfort could be experienced, if you think your teeth enamel are wearing down or thinning, read on the following to learn about the symptoms and causes for enamel thinning.

1- First Symptom, Check The Color Of Your Teeth.
When your teeth start to get yellowish is a sign that your teeth enamel is wearing down, the dentin is the yellow layer located underneath the enamel, when your enamel break down, your teeth will start looking yellow, the more yellow they get, the thinner your enamel is.

2- The Shape Of Your Teeth Will Change.
When you are losing teeth enamel, your teeth or may be one specific tooth will start taking a more rounded shape without the button fissures that are regular, your teeth could also look shorter than normal or very yellowish near the gums.

3- You Will start Noticing Cracks.
When you experience a big deal of enamel loss your teeth may start having minor cracks on its surface from how weak they got, cracks or pits could be noticed, you may also notice chips around the borders of your teeth.

4- Pay Attention To Teeth Sensitivity.
When the enamel wear down and the dentin layer appear the teeth get yellowish in color and also very sensitive to hot and cold foods or even the air, you could be bothered or experiencing discomfort by breathing through your mouth, this is another indicator you have lost a good deal of your teeth enamel.

5- Your Biting Force Changes.
When your enamel and dentin layers wear down, your teeth will start to get shorter and the chewing surface will be flattened which will make chewing or biting food more difficult and associated with pain.

Symptoms Of Losing Teeth Enamel

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