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7 Alarming Symptoms of Cervical Cancer You Should Be Aware of

Cervical cancer cannot be taken lightly as it ranks as the fourth common cancer in women that result in death. This cancer is usually caused by Human papillomavirus (HPV) and unfortunately there is no scientific proof on the effectiveness of vaccine in preventing cervical cancer. Inform yourself with the signs of cervical cancer to reach for medical intervention as soon as possible.

1. Pain during Urination : A urinary tract infection can cause pain during urination, but so does a cervical cancer when it reaches the bladder so stay alarmed.

2. Vaginal Bleeding in Unusual Times : Vaginal bleeding when you are not menstruating can be caused by several medical conditions but it is a major symptom of cervical cancer. Seek medical help if you experience vaginal bleeding after intercourse, during menopause or between periods.

3. Inability to Control Bladder : Cervical cancer makes bladder control really hard because the cancer reaches the bladder. Moreover, urine with blood is another sign of this disease.

4. Heavier Periods : Heavier and longer menstrual periods are associated with cervical cancer.

5. Unplanned Weight Loss : The body responds to cervical cancer as with other cancers by producing little proteins known as cytokines. These proteins break fat down faster than it normally breaks making the body lose weight.

6. Abnormal Vaginal Discharge : Vaginal discharge with abnormal color or stinky smell is associated with many conditions like a yeast infection, menopause or bacterial vaginosis, but it can also be a sign of cervical cancer. Don’t ignore unusual discharge and check with your doctor immediately.

7. Pain in Different Body Parts : The back, legs and pelvis hurt if someone suffers from cervical cancer. The legs often swell because the spreading of cancer can block blood flow. This makes moving around hard and painful. If you experience several symptoms of the ones mentioned above, take action by heading to your doctor to save yourself from further trouble.
Symptoms of Cervical Cancer You Should Be Aware of

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