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Symptoms Of Cancer You Didn’t Know About And Wouldn’t Pay Attention To

Cancer is a general term for over one hundred types of diseases, while each cancer type is characterized with its own symptoms, some symptoms frequently occurs with many different types of cancer, other types of cancer may show no symptoms at all untill it is in a very critical and advanced state, therefore cancer screening and risk assessments is vital for cancer prevention and early treatment.

Among the most common cancer symptoms that you didn’t know about or may not relate them to cancer are:-

Continues Fatigue.

Persistent fatigue is a symptom commonly associated with many different types of cancer specially those related to bowl and digestive system, it usually occurs in the advanced stages of the diseases, however it can occur in early stages as well.

Unintentional Weight Loss.

While it can be a happy surprise to slim down without trying, it can be a warning sign for many diseases including cancer, the symptom can happen with or without any change in the appetite, losing ten pounds or more without trying is a sign you must visit your doctor, however as it is a sign for cancer, unintentional weight loss is also a sign for many other illnesses.


While fever is a sign for many different mild and sever conditions and it states a stress on the immune system, it can also be an indicator for cancer specially the types that affect the blood like leukemia and lymphoma, it is also a sign that other types of cancer may have spread to other parts of the body.
Symptoms Of Cancer You Didn't Know About

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