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Does sweating make you lose weight?

Read these interesting facts to learn more about it!
There is said to be a relationship between sweat and losing weight. When we are sweating we lose some water and then we lose some weight as a result. When we workout hard to sweat we lose some fat and water and therefore we lose some weight. However, it may be so cool fact that sweating leads to weight loss but this loss is said to be temporary. Here are some things you might not know about the relationship between sweating and weight loss.

– Here is an interesting fact: men do sweat more than women. Men sweat around over 30 percent more than women do because of the hormonal differences and also the fact that men have a larger surface area than women. This boosts men’s weight-loss rate.

– It seems surprising that sweat itself is odorless. Sweat doesn’t cause body smell, but the bacteria came by moisture creates the odor. Also, what you eat affects your odor. If you eat a lot of spicy food it will appear on your smell.

– Over 3% of people suffer from a case called hyperhidrosis. It means that people sweat overmuch with no obvious reason. However, this condition has a treatment. Researches have yet to prove the relation between this condition and weight loss.

– It’s better to use antiperspirant at night. We sweat less at night so it’s better to apply antiperspirant at night. On the other hand, if we use antiperspirant in another time when the skin is already wet with sweat, the antiperspirant will react with the moisture and won’t be able to clog the pores of the skin.

– It’s not true that unfit people sweat more. On the contrary, the researches prove that athletes sweat more than ordinary people. Therefore, obesity and sweating are unrelated.

Does sweating make you lose weight

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