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Surprising Uses for Tea

The world now is raving about tea and its benefits. It is energizing, it cleans your teeth, protects you with its antioxidants from several diseases. However, we will not talk here about the benefits of tea for your body since you know all about them by now. We will talk about surprising uses for tea other than drinking.

1- You can make hair wash from any type of tea available. It will make your hair shiny and amazingly clean. It will rid you of buildups that clog the pores in your scalp. It also gives your hair a nice hint of color and prevents some problems such as thinning hair.

2- Do not toss the tea that has gone cold down the drain. The leftover leaves and the drink itself are full of nutrients and antioxidants that can benefit the soil in your garden so much, especially plants like pathos, Chinese evergreen and peace lillies.

3- Do you know that tea is one of the most effective remedies for removing dark and puffy eye circles? To make using it for this purpose easy, use used tea bags that were chilled in the freezer and put them on your eye circles for 10 minutes. or make tea ice cubes and smoothen your eye circles with them.

4- I am sure you have already heard that tea stains are hard to get rid of. So, what if you think of these stains as dyes instead? You can give a white piece of cloth you have any shade of brown by soaking it in tea (make a large pot).

5- Make a refreshing, green natural toner for your skin with tea. Brew tea and let it cool down then wash your face with the drink. Antioxidants in your tea will work great as a topical treatment.

Uses for Tea

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