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Six Surprising Uses Of Lemon And Orange Peels

Instead of getting rid of orange and lemon peels you can use them around your house, you can dry the zest in the oven the grind it and use it as a substitute for vanilla in deserts, you can also use the peels in cleaning and freshening up your house, below we have compiled to you a few fantastic uses for citrus fruit peels so read on

1- Remove Water Stains : If your metal kitchen and bathroom fixtures usually get stained with water, you can use the peels of orange or lemon to polish them and give them a wonderful shine.

2- Shine Wood : Rubbing the white side of the orange peels on your wood furniture can give them a shine and get them cleaned, it works just like wood Wax amazing right?

3- It Works As A Natural Sponge : Try to use the peel of orange as a natural sponge while cleaning the surfaces in your kitchen, you will be surprised how well they absorb liquid and even add that wonderful citrus smell.

4- Excellent Cleaner : Try to add some orange peels in a jar, cover the peels with vinegar mixed with water equal parts, put the jar in the fridge for three weeks, shake occasionally and then move the solution into a spray bottle and use to clean surfaces, bots and floors.

5- Make Your House Smell Wonderful : Dry up some orange peels in the oven, grind them with your food processor, add in a sachet and leave the sachet in a drawer, clothet, basement or any place you want to smell amazing.

6- Perfect Insect Repellent : Insects like flies and mosquitoes fly away from the smell of limonene which is naturally found in lemon and orange peels, just add some died up peels in the areas where insects come from and you will have your home free of insects.
Uses Of Lemon And Orange Peels

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