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Four Surprising Things Will Happen When You Cut Down On Sugar

We consume sugar in many different ways, it is a part of almost all packaged foods even the ones that were not meant to be sweet, which makes it almost impossible to determine how much sugar exactly you consumed within your day, plus most of the packaged foods won’t state how much sugar is presented within one serving like other nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates are stated.

We are continuously consuming sugar unconsciously even when you don’t mean to, which makes it almost impossible to eliminate sugar from your diet and not only because it is found in almost all packaged and ready foods, but also because it is needed to fuel every cell in your brain, it triggers the center of reward and happiness in your brain, which automatically leave you craving for more, however you can still reduce your sugar intake to the minimum and enjoy all the following qualities of life with a low-sugar diet.

1- Enjoy A Sound Sleep.

Sugar is high simple carbohydrates which gets converted quickly into energy in your body, which gives you a sudden boost in energy that quickly drops and leave you tired and wiped out, the thing that may lead you to take naps throughout the day and be unable to enjoy a sound deep sleep in the night.
On the other hand if you cut down on sugar during the day you will be able to enjoy high sustained energy levels and a productive day which will make you go into a more restful sleep in the night.

2- Forget About Zits And Wrinkles.

Ever noticed the Zits breakouts that happens following eating some rich donuts or drinking a hot cocoa with marshmallow? Well that happens because sugar is an inflammatory fueling food and Acnes and Zits are caused by inflammation. The inflammation that sugar cause also break down the collagen and elastin within the skin cells, leaving your skin sagging and creating wrinkles, so why to struggle with long lasting inevitable skin problems just to satisfy your sweet tooth? Cut down on sugar and enjoy an every lasting youthful skin.

3- You Will Control Your Food Craving Better.

We already discussed above that when you eat sugar rich foods the reward and happiness parts of the brain get activated by why?
Sugar increase the production of serotonin and beta-endrophin which reduce anxiety, increase happiness and self-esteem. So when that happens your body continues to long for that feeling of happiness and satisfaction so it gives you the illusion that you need to eat sugar high foods.
Studies proved that the effect of eating sugar on the brain is similar to that of consuming drugs.
So the solution here is cut down on sugar because it is slightly addictive meaning that the more you consume of it the more you will crave it. When you cut down on sugar you will be able to understand more your body needs of nutrients and fulfill them.

4- Improve Your Overall Health.

Of course when you cut down on sugar you will reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and asthma . You will also reduce your risk of developing diabetes which’s risk was shown to be increased by over fifteen percent by adding just one serving of soda to your daily diet, and for sure you will be cutting down on calories at the same time which means staying away from obesity.
Sugar was also noticed to increase the rate of the heart pulse which in return negatively affect the blood pressure and one’s energy levels, after a while this can lead to several heart ailment.
In result you will feel healthier and much better if you cut down on sugar.

Surprising Things Will Happen When You Cut Down On Sugar

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