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Five Surprising Uses Of Your Regular Dish Washing Liquid

Do you know that your regular dish washing liquid can be used in many other cleaning purposes around your house, you can use it in almost every corner in your house, even on your jewelry and you will be surprised about the results, the following are just a few uncommon uses for your regular dish washing liquid you may have bit heard about before so read on.

1- Cleaning Oil Stains Off Of Clothes : If it ever happens and you get an oil stain on your cloth try pouring some dish washing liquid on the stained area then rub it and rinse off with water, fish washing liquid should be very effective to remove oil stains from cloth and even silk and wool which can get damaged from your regular detergents.

2- Cleaning Your Kitchen And Bathroom Floors : Your dish washing liquid can be used very effectively to clean to kitchen and bathroom floors, just add two spoons of your regular dish washing soap to a bucket of warm water then mob, you will get the result of both floor cleaners and shiners.

3- Cleaning Your Jewelry : You can use your dish washing liquid in cleaning your jewelry by adding a few drops of the liquid in a bowl with seltzer water and soak your jewelry for half an hour then brush it off with a small toothbrush, you will notice your jewelry pieces shining and looking new.

4- Cleaning Your Hair Brush And Comb : With too much usage, oily layers get piled up in the corners of your comb and hair brushes, using dish washing liquid with some baking soda can get rid of those oily layers and get your brush just like new.

5- Clean Stains Off Of Carpets : Another unexpected way to use your regular dish washing liquid is by adding two spoons of the liquid to about two cups of warm water and rubbing off stains from carpets.
Uses Of Your Regular Dish Washing Liquid

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